The Attakkalari Dance Company presents
Bhinna Vinyasa
Sept 14 - Oct 6, 2018 Canada & Spain

September 15, 2018

The Attakkalari Dance Company led by Artistic Director Jayachandran Palazhy sets out to tour Canada and Spain. Supported by the Canada Council and ICCR, the Company will present their latest multimedia dance production "Bhinna Vinyasa''. Participation in Montreal is organized by the Festival Quartiers Danses on Sept.15th, preceded a day earlier by Company performances - Bangalore Beats & Urban Chaos at Place Des Festivals; and Yashti- solo choreographic piece by Hemabharathy Palani at Cinquieme Salle at Place de Arts; moving onto Halifax on 20th - 21st at the Sir James Dunn Theatre, Dalhousie Arts Centre, presented by Live Art Dance and then on October 5 & 6 at Triffo Theatre, Allard Hall, MacEwan University, Edmonton showcased by The Brian Webb Dance Company.

In between, they will have engagements in Spain on 25, 27 & 29 hosted by Casa de la India, at Teatros del Canal (Madrid), at LAVA Teatro (Valladolid) and at Caja de Burgos auditorium, respectively.
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Ancillary Performances in Montreal:

Dancers - Attakkalari Dance Company
The movement material explored in this piece ranges from sinuous and earthy movements to Kalarippayattu with its abrupt and sudden kicks and leaps. While adhering to a contemporary approach, the piece draws inspiration from the complex rhythms, geometry and precision of Bharatanatyam. Highly athletic movements intersect with lighter and more playful interludes during which the performers emulate the rites, rituals, traditions, and festivities associated with courtship and Indian weddings.

Dancers - Parth Bhardwaj, Virendra Nishad, Nihal Pasha, Meghana Nambiar and Snigdha Prabhakar
We are the reflection of our cities and they are our reflection - Aminah Ricks
Urban Chaos looks at the pandemonium & disorder that rules urban spaces, especially within an Indian context. This quintet is a commentary and critique on the increasingly digital world, where the search for a peaceful existence is continually threatened by the established system. Urban Chaos expresses the microcosm of fear and human psychology that underlies the macrocosm of our & our society's evolution.

A solo by Hemabharathy Palani

The piece presents a sensorial and multi-layered portrait of a woman through anecdotes by delving into the cultural memories of other women who have chosen an alternative path. Linking haunting images of love, jealousy, confrontation and redemption, Hema performs a kinaesthetic soliloquy that combines fresh choreographic ideas, a new poetics of tradition and an invented vocabulary. Yashti is a raw and honest poetry where a single voice echoes multiple truths.

Show dates across Canada & Spain:

Sept.14 | 12.30pm | Bangalore Beats, followed by Urban Chaos @ Place Des Festivals
Sept.14 | 8.20pm | Yashti | @ Cinquieme Salle at Place de Arts
Sept.15 | 8pm | Bhinna Vinyasa | @ Cinquieme Salle at Place de Arts

Bhinna Vinyasa show dates at all other cities:

Halifax, Canada
Sept.20 & 21 | 8pm | @ Sir James Dunn Theatre, Dalhousie Arts Centre

Madrid, Spain
Sept.25 | 8pm | @ Teatros del Canal

Valladolid, Spain
Sept.27 | 8.30pm | @ LAVA Teatro

Burgos, Spain
Sept.29 | 8.30pm | @ Caja de Burgos Auditorium

Edmonton, Canada
Oct.5 & 6 | 8pm | @ Triffo Theatre, Allard Hall, MacEwan University

For details in Canada, contact: 
Montreal: / +1 514 751 2207
Halifax: / 1 (902) 420 0003
Edmonton: / 780 452 3282.

For details in Spain, contact:
For Madrid, Valladolid & Burgos, write to Casa de la India: / 034 983 228 711