Nrithyakshetra Dance Academy presents
Dhimahi - Dynamic Meditations on Laya
At Sri Krishna Gana Sabha
November 23 - 25, 2018 Chennai

September 27, 2018

A three-day festival, conceived and crafted by Madurai R Muralidaran explores the beauty and complexities of Laya.
On November 23, 24 and 25 this year, at the Sri Krishna Gana Sabha, Nrithyakshetra Dance Academy (NDA) will present DHIMAHI - DYNAMIC MEDITATIONS ON LAYA. As a festival that features students of dance along with acclaimed artistes, Dhimahi is a celebration of rhythm and explores the beauty of ragas and the nuances and complexities of talas. Early this year, NDA presented Chaturvidham, yet another concept by Madurai Muralidaran.

The three-day festival features margams by a handful of students, trained and mentored by Madurai Muralidaran - Kavya Muralidaran, Varshini Arumugam, Rashmeta  Sai, Adithi & Ananya Venkatesan, Saankhya Venkateshwaran and Vrithi Arvind. In addition, there will be short lec-dems and presentations by acclaimed artistes like Uma Murali, Lavanya Sankar, Srekala Bharath and Parvati Ravi Ghantasala, to name a few, who will showcase their choreography skills and interpretation of Muralidaranís compositions, allowing students of dance and members of the audience, insight into the minds of artistes and the possibilities within the world of Laya.