Padmalaya Dance Foundation & IDA present
IDA 2018: Chitra Katha
ADA Rangamandira, 6pm
October 27, 2018 Bangalore

October 5, 2018

Padmalaya Dance Foundation and International Dance Alliance (Bangalore Chapter) present the annual theme-based dance festival: IDA 2018: Chitra Katha. Currently in its 15th edition, the IDA festival was brought to the Bangalore audience in the year 2004 by Padma Murali (Director- Padmalaya Dance Foundation). Through this unique theme based festival, she has presented over 500 artistes to the Bangalore audience in thematic productions. With IDA, she encourages groups led by senior gurus as well as those established by upcoming artistes to share stage and partake in the creative spirit of the Arts.

IDA 2018: ChitraKatha
Date: 27th October 2018
Time: 6pm
Venue: ADA Rangamandira, JC Road, Bangalore

The theme this year, Chitra Katha is an attempt to bring to life the still poetry within paintings. Inspired by the traditional art of artistes from across India, the performances are aimed at giving a dynamic dimension to the canvas that the artistes painted. From Kerala mural art to Pattachitra paintings, from Mysore painting to Miniature, Chitra Katha delves into the layers of meaning, metaphor and ideology of those divine strokes of paint.

The Leela Sekhar Memorial Award was instituted a few years ago in memory of Leela Sekhar, Founder- Chairperson of the International Dance Alliance, India. A musician par excellence, she was instrumental in creating several avenues for artistes - musicians and dancers. She propagated a wholesome interaction and exchange between senior performers, gurus and upcoming artistes. In her memory, the award is being given this year to a person who has tirelessly contributed to the promotion of the arts. Guru Radha Sridhar, the recipient of this year’s Leela Sekhar Memorial Award, is a name that is synonymous with Bharatanatyam. She has performed across the world, is known for her evocative choreography and has been a source of inspiration for several generations of artistes who have trained under her. 

Dr. Lakshmi Ramaswamy’s Sri Mudhraalaya

Padmalaya Ensemble

Samskruthi Ensemble

Matangi Prasan and Meghna Das  

Participating groups:
Dr. Lakshmi Ramaswamy’s Sri Mudhraalaya
Padmalaya Ensemble: Direction- Padma Murali
Samskruthi Ensemble: Direction- Satyanarayana Raju
Meghna Das and Matangi Prasan

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Padmalaya Dance Foundation
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