Makkal Kural & Trinity Mirror present
Navadhisha: New Voices in Dance
RR Sabha Hall, 11am
Dec 8 & 9, 2018 Chennai

December 3, 2018

Trinity Arts Festival of India presents
Navadhisha: New Voices in Dance (Edition 2)
Convened by Dr.Apoorva Jayaraman

Dates: 8th and 9th of December 2018
Time: 11am to 2:30pm
Venue: Rasika Ranjini Sabha Hall 2, Mylapore
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Navadhisha - New Voices in Dance, conceptualised and convened by Dr. Apoorva Jayaraman, was launched in December of 2017 as a unique platform to feature the voices of the younger generation of dancers and hear about their engagement with and vision for their artform. Edition 2 will feature a new array of voices in dance, exploring Syntax and Semantics in Indian Classical Dance.

December 8, 2018 Saturday
11am: Inauguration
Inaugural speech by Alarmel Valli
Conferment of Lifetime Achievement Award on Pandit Birju Maharaj

Conference Session 1 : Syntax in Indian Classical Dance
What are the underlying rules that marry the grammar of dance, Bharatanatyam in particular, with the grammar of the lyrical, written medium? What happens when we tamper with the musical or lyrical grammar that is native to a dance form, for example composing Bharatanatyam to Bengali language / music? How does one preserve the identity of the form while doing this? Through this exercise, can we identify where the core flavour of the form lies? Can we identify basic pointers/rules that may inform artists in their pursuit and help them expand their horizons?

11:30am: Ragini Chandershekar

12pm: Christopher Gurusamy

12:30pm: Manasvini Ramachandran

1pm: Pandit Birju Maharaj and Saswati Sen - In Conversation with Prateeksha Kashi

1:45pm: Q & A

December 9, 2018 Sunday
Conference Session 2 : Semantics in Indian Classical Dance
Hastas and vocabulary used in Indian Classical Dance arenít merely a static dictionary. Gestures have evolved over time to allow the dance form to continue to reflect relevant thoughts, ideas and concepts in society. This dynamism in the evolution of the knowledge system has certainly been subdued in recent times. Can we create an exercise to develop fresh vocabulary for socially relevant concepts today which are based on analysis beyond visual imitation?

11:30am: Kapila Venu

12pm: S. Jayachandran

12:30pm: Sreelakshmy Govardhanan

1pm: Parisodanai :
An Experiment / Expanding Dance Vocabulary
Kapila Venu, S. Jayachandran and Sreelakshmy Govardhanan
In Conversation with SudharmaVaithiyanathan

1:45pm: Q & A