Museum of Performing Arts Foundation presents
Credo of a Dancer: Exhibition on Balasaraswati
Jan 3 - 9, 2019: Music Academy
Feb 6 & 7: The Amethyst, Chennai

December 19, 2018

Tanjavur Balasaraswati was one of 20th century’s foremost exponents of Bharatanatyam. She was instrumental in expanding the performance of this dance form beyond the precincts of the temples where it was traditionally performed and in cultivating international appreciation of the art form.

Balasaraswati was remarkable for having bridged a gap emerging in India just before and during her lifespan. During a period that saw the rise of a new social order that excluded and marginalized matrilineal families to the point of their disappearance from society,Balasaraswati’s  choice to live in a manner consistent with her traditional family culture, and to remain in full public and global view, was an act of extraordinary courage. She was exemplary of the code of ethics that gave strength to the devadasi community for centuries.

To mark her birth centenary this year, the Museum of Performing Arts (MOPA) Foundation, Chennai, in collaboration with the Balasaraswati Institute of Performing Arts, presents CREDO OF A DANCER, an in-depth archival exhibition on the life and art of Balasaraswati. Drawn largely from the vast treasure house of archives carefully preserved by her family, students and close associates over the decades, this exhibition aims to showcase an artiste who has left her imprint on dance for all time, with an engaging selection of photographs, articles, press clippings and vintage audio-video excerpts. Also on display are rare personal effects belonging to Balasaraswati.

- Jan 3 - 9: Music Academy, 9am to 9.30pm
- Feb 6 & 7: The Folly, Amethyst, 10am to 9.30pm