Mahagami presents
Sarngadeva Samaroh
Mahagami Gurukul
January 18 - 21, 2019 Aurangabad

January 16, 2019

Sarngadeva was a 13th-century Indian musicologist and the author of the classical Sanskrit text on music, the Sangeet Ratnakar. The treatise is considered by many to be the most important work after Bharata's Natya Shastra. Its span includes vocal and instrumental music, as well as dance. Sarngadeva is said to have composed his work in what is now called Aurangabad.

MAHAGAMI GURUKUL is a cultural initiative at Aurangabad which has been conceived and headed by Parwati Dutta, and is dedicated to the propagation and teaching of Indian culture for the last 22 years. For the last 9 years, it has also organized an annual festival that includes seminars, performances and interactions around Sarngadeva's work that aims to establish a dialogue between the written, oral and performing traditions.

SARNGADEVA SAMAROH is organized every year by Mahagami in the land where the great musicologist Sarngadeva created the treatise SANGEET RATNAKAR with an aim to re-connect with the glorious cultural past of this region and to establish the relevance of the text with present day performing arts. The festival comprises of performances by renowned artists as well as established thinker-artists with focus on the Sangeet Ratnakar and other ancient traditions. Many scholars, gurus, musicologists present research papers and give lecture demonstrations highlighting various aspects of Sangeet Ratnakar in respect to each form of music. The festival caters to the artistic and academic quests of more than 5000 rasikas of music and dance. Students, researchers, teachers of any stream of Indian art will benefit from the seminar, lecture demonstrations and evening performances. This is of great academic and archival value and is an important landmark in the field of research on music texts.

Seminar on Sangeet Ratnakar and other texts, their relevance with present day performing arts At: Sarngadeva Sadan, Mahagami, 18-21 January 2019, 10am - 1pm

Janaki Patrik

Mark Lindley

Karuna Vijayendra

Piyal Bhattacharya
Urmila Nagar | Venkatesh Kumar | Dumpeti Prakash | Gaddam Sammaiah | Ustad Ahsan Hussain Khan | Parwati Dutta | Janaki Patrik | Kapil Jadhav | Mark Lindley | Karuna Vijayendra | Piyal Bhattacharya

At: Sarngadeva Sadan, Mahagami
18 January: 3-5 pm | Research Presentations by New Researchers
19-21 January: 3-5 pm | Workshop: Saamgaan & Vachik Abhinaya: Piyal Bhattacharya, Kolkata |
Shilpa Nritya: Karuna Vijayendra, Bangalore

Dance & Music Festival, 7pm - 9.30pm, at Rukmini Sabhagriha, Mahagami

18 January

Mardal Ensemble: Disciples of Late Guru Banamali Maharana, Bhubaneswar

Odissi: Parwati Dutta & Mahagami Ensemble, Aurangabad

Perini Natyam: Disciples of Guru Perini Prakash, Hyderabad

19 January

Kathak: Guru Urmila Nagar, Delhi

Khyal, Kirtan, Vachanas & Haridasakritis: Pt. Venkatesh Kumar, Dharwad

20 January

Sundari Vadan: Kapil Jadhav, Solapur

Chindu Yakshaganam: Gaddam Sammaiah & Group, Warangal, Telangana

Sufi Qawwali: Ustad Ahsan Hussain Khan & Adil Hussain Khan Group, Hyderabad

A National Award named after Sarngadeva, it was instituted by Parwati Dutta, Director, MAHAGAMI in 2011 which is conferred every year to a great Guru or scholar in the field of Indian traditional art. This year, the award will be posthumously conferred upon Late Guru Dr. Banamali Maharana (Mardal Guru) which will be received by his son Surendra Maharana.

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