Aditi Mangaldas Dance Company presents
March 12 - 25, 2019 Germany

February 20, 2019

Aditi Mangaldas Dance Company-The Drishtikon Dance Foundation tour Germany with their production WITHIN, contemporary dance based on Kathak. WITHIN is in two parts: 'KNOTTED'- that explores the struggle of brutality and humanity WITHIN us and 'UNWRAPPED' that centers on the query, is there any way to discover the humanity WITHIN us. It is inspired by the quote of the philosopher J. Krishnamurti, "To understand yourself, you must create a mirror that reflects accurately what you are... Only in the understanding of what is, is there freedom from what is."

Do the times compel us to look ‘within’? To recognise our deepest, most complex emotions. To explore our innermost spaces where humanity and brutality, masculinity and femininity, good and bad seem to lie in half embrace. Waiting to be disentangled. Waiting to be recognised beyond the binaries. Waiting to find expression in ways that shape our lives, our actions, our selves.

Choreographer's note: 
“Choreographing ‘Within’ has been a very different experience from my last few works. It has been about delving into the self and exploring our deepest emotions, however disturbing they may be. Needless to say, the process of creating it has sometimes been almost too close for comfort. That is the journey I invite you to take with us.
When I began conceptualising the piece, I re-visited mythological stories in the context of the social turmoil of our times. Eventually these have become the subterranean stream that feeds the work. Leaving ‘Within’ both, ‘knotted’ up in our emotions, and ‘unwrapped’ of them. In doing so, I found myself inspired by the emptiness and eternal space of the ‘siddha’ sculpture.”
-Aditi Mangaldas

March 12:  Villingen, Theatre am Ring, 8pm
March 15: Wolfenbuttel, Lessingtheater, 7.30pm
March 16: Wolfsburg, Scharoun Theater, 7.30pm
March 18: Minden, Stadt theater, 8pm
March 19: Pulheim, Dr.Hans Koster Saal, 8pm
March 21: Leverkusen, Kultur Stadt Lev, 7.30pm
March 22 & 23: Schwienfurt, Stadttheater, 7.30pm
March 24 & 25: Amberg, Stadttheater, 7.30pm