Soorya Performing Arts presents
11th American Natya Festival
Natya Idol Competitions
April 19 - 21, 2019 St. Louis, MO

February 24, 2019

Soorya Performing Arts is hosting the 11th American Natya Festival and finale of Natya Idol Competitions in April 2019.

This festival provides a platform for Indian classical dance artistes of all forms to display the beauty and intricacies of our rich art forms to a diverse audience. The Natya Idol preliminary competitions will be held in three cities this year - Los Angeles, Chicago and St. Louis, and finale will be held at St Louis during the festival.

Come and witness 10+ dance dramas from experienced dancers with choreography from accomplished Gurus from India and United States. Looking forward to see all classical art patrons during this unique classical dance festival!

Dates: April 19, 20, 21, 2019
Venue: Clayton High School Auditorium, #1, Mark Twain Circle, St. Louis, MO 63105


Friday, April 19, 2019 - 6:30pm
Bharatanatyam & Kathak performances - Soorya Dance School
Atma Lingam - Mythological Bharatanatyam dance drama by 'Rani' group
Parvati's Marriage - 'Katha,' Indian Storyteller Group of St. Louis

Saturday, April, 20, 2019 - 4:30pm
Vaigai Express - Guru Vandana Academy, Louisville, KY
Kathak Nritya by Anindita
Tri-Nritya Shailee - Natyantharanga Dance Company of Bengaluru, India
Piper and Mouse - Sanskriti School of Dance, New Jersey

Sunday April 21, 2019 - 2:30pm
American Natya Idol Award Ceremony
Sri Sathyanarayana Katha - Acharya School of Dance, Chicago
Four Horsemen - Jiva Performing Arts, New York
Pootana Moksham - Kathakali by Radha Carman
Tale of the Anklets - Mythili Dance Academy

March 17, 2019 - Los Angeles - Arthur.E.Wright Middle School Auditorium, 4029 Las Virgenes Road, Calabasas, CA 91302

March 31, 2019 - Chicago - 4222 Meridian Parkway, Suite #104, Aurora, IL 60504

April 7, 2019 - St. Louis - 235 Old Meramec Station Road, Manchester, MO 63021

April 20, 2019 - FINALS in American Natya Festival venue

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