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Auditions for Attakkalari's
Diploma in Movement Arts and Mixed Media
June 8 - July 27, 2019 across India

May 31, 2019

Here is how you can transform your deep passion for dance into a viable career option by training professionally and systematically at one of the leading contemporary dance schools in the world.

Attakkalari Centre of Movement Arts has been consistently contributing and leading the development of Contemporary dance scene in India for the last 27 years of its existence and has brought about a paradigm shift in the way people perceive contemporary dance and movement arts. It has focused on every aspect of movement arts including research, training, education, choreography, productions, performances, festivals, seminars, exchange programs and providing stage technologies solutions for national and international performance groups and festivals. With the motivation of transforming budding dancers into professionals who can meet the demands of international dance scene, Attakkalari established a much sought-after Diploma course in Movement Arts and Mixed Media in the year 2006- the most comprehensive full-time professional dance training program in India.

Bringing the knowledge and wisdom from the international performing arts scene as well as the rich Indian traditions, the Diploma program has evolved as a very unique and much sought after program today, providing platform to budding artists who want to pursue a career in dance hailing from across India and increasingly from other parts of the world too. Attakkalari's Diploma program is aimed at dancers who have the passion and the courage to follow their hearts. The intense classes taught by acclaimed international faculty and Indian masters as well as regular monitoring and guidance will transform the students and give them the skill sets, experience and confidence to be an International Dancer.

Graduates of the program have gone on to study abroad, join many reputed dance companies and got opportunities to participate in many international Residency and Exchange programs as well as to pursue successful careers in Contemporary dance internationally. Today, there are also plenty of opportunities to do choreography and performance for theatre, films, television, fashion events, online platforms, corporate and social events as well as to become an instructor/teacher in schools, colleges, corporate houses, fitness centers as well as in the capacity of personal instructors. This carefully crafted programme is designed to enable young dancers with the requisite skills to work both in the performative and educational contexts, in India and internationally.

Auditions for the Diploma
Auditions for Attakkalari's Diploma in Movement Arts and Mixed Media have kicked off from January this year. Marching towards the graduation show and convocation, there are more workshops/auditions to scout for the best of talents. Senior dancers have been conducting auditions across metros throughout India. The audition will take place in more cities in the country in the coming weeks as well as in the UK and Italy. Those who are not able to reach to any one of these places can also do the audition online by sending a video of them dancing along with their CVs.

Audition for the Diploma lays emphasis on assessing the participant's physical awareness, overall coordination, strength, speed, flexibility, musicality and a sense of rhythm and space, comprehension, and most importantly, ability to imagine and be creative. Attakkalari is looking for individuals who have aptitude as well as talent and are keen to gain internationally acclaimed dance education.

Anybody who is interested in dance and movement arts can participate in the workshop.

Criteria for participation:
1. Candidates should be 16 years of age or above and should have completed Standard XII level of education or above.
2. No prior training in dance is needed. Attakkalari is more interested in the potential of the candidate rather than previous training. The workshop/audition will test the general physical awareness, coordination, musicality, sense of space, cognition and imagination of the participant.

Upcoming auditions:
Bangalore - 8 June
Chennai - 8 June
Nagpur - 16 June
Trivandrum - 22 June
Kozhikode - 22 June
Bangalore - 22 June
Hyderabad - 22 June
Guwahati - 23 June
Pondicherry - 29June
Mumbai - 7 July
Coimbatore - 13 July
Bangalore- 5 July
Bangalore - 27 July

To register for audition:

You can also audition online by sending a short video of you performing a solo, along with your resume to

If you belong to any other city and would like to participate in the auditions, please contact: or +91-98117 37441

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