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Mahagami premieres
Rukmini Sabhagriha, 6.30pm
June 30, 2019 Aurangabad

June 25, 2019

Mahagami presents its premiere of JALADASAMAYE based on Grishma-Varsha-Ritu Varnan of Kalidas's Ritusamharam on 30 June 2019, 6.30pm at Rukmini Sabhagriha.

Mahagami has been celebrating KALIDAS DIWAS in the past years through thoughtfully choreographed dance productions in Kathak or Odissi that revolved around one of Kalidas's works. This year to welcome the rainy season and to mark Kalidas Diwas celebrations, Mahagami presents a new work taking roots from Natyashastric traditions and developed with Kathak, Odissi and Natya parampara.

A journey exploring Angik and Vaachik Abhinaya, this is yet another enriching creative process that Mahagami has cherished and is keen to share with the rasikas. Original Sanskrit verses from Ritusamharam at times recited or sung by the dancers with abhinaya interspersed with abstract compositions seem to evoke the idea of poetry in space, time and of course the mind.

Donor passes of Rs 100 will be available at Mahagami office and also at Rukmini Sabhagriha on day of performance.

Mahagami Gurukul
Please call 9372093189 or drop an email to
Whatsapp +91 70836 52636

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