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Mahagami presents
Tasmai Shree Gurave Namah
Rukmini Sabhagriha, 7pm
Sept 13 - 15, 2019 Aurangabad

Sept 12, 2019

Aurangabad-based acclaimed dance gurukul Mahagami presents TASMAI SHREE GURAVE NAMAH, a 3-day festival as tribute to Guru-Shishya Parampara on 13,14,15 September 2019, at Rukmini Sabhagriha, MGM, 7pm. On 13 and 14 September 2019, around 80 selected disciples of Mahagami Gurukul will perform Kathak and Odissi.

Maintaining the 23-year old tradition of MAHAGAMI, the program on both days will begin with Guru Vandana - on 13 September in Odissi and 14 September in Kathak by senior disciples and teachers. Various compositions ranging from the timeless pieces of great Gurus to the newer creations by Parwati Dutta based on traditional concepts will be presented by disciples of Arambha, Udbhav and Samarpan courses of MAHAGAMI. Shishyas as young as 6 years to as senior as 50 years will participate in this dance-offering showcasing the gradual phases of learning and evolution in the respective dance traditions.

The program is conceptualized and directed by Parwati Dutta and various compositions being presented have been taught and co-directed by 'Prashikshaks' - Sheetal Bhamre, Darshana Kanase, Shreeya Dikshit.

13 September, 7pm: Odissi by MAHAGAMI Shishyas
14 September, 7pm: Kathak by MAHAGAMI Shishyas
15 September, 7pm: "Punaravalokan": AV Session screening of film "Vaikhari" and Video of Sanskrit dance-drama "Jaladasamaye".

All rasikas and artists are cordially invited to the 3-day event and welcome to experience different aspects of dance.

Mobile : 9372093189
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