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Sapphire Creations Dance Co
Represents India
In TARI 2019
Oct 15 - 20, Kuala Lumpur

September 29, 2019

Sapphire Creations on its 27th anniversary year has been travelling with its production SAPPHIRESCOPE and MAKING MUDRA SENSE in various international tours, recent being Kazakhstan, Indonesia and United States. Now it prepares to represent India in TARI 2019, the biggest Contemporary Dance festival of Malaysia organised by ASWARA and Dept of Art & Culture, Govt of Malaysia.

Sapphire tours with a 7 member company with renowned pakhawaj player Rishabh Dhar who will perform live in the finale.

Sapphire tours between 15th and 20th of Oct.

16th Oct: Main Performance MAKING MUDRA SENSE by Sapphire
Experimental Theatre, Aswara, 8.30pm

17th Oct: Paper presentation by Paramita Saha, Co-Director, Sapphire Creations
Orchestra Hall, Aswara, 10am to 11am

18th Oct: Master Class by Team Sapphire Creations led by Co-Director Paramita Saha
Dance Studio, Aswara, 2pm

As our civilization passes deeper into the millennium, and globalisation propels us into a virtual world of being and belonging, how does our culture survive? Our ancient beliefs, systems, rites, rituals, symbols, signals, textiles, recipes, arts, crafts, how do they survive? Mostly undocumented or obscured in rare texts, how does this reservoir of knowledge get passed on to the next generation? How do the millenials read this ancient culture? Is it relevant to them anymore? Or is it all passed on encoded in the submerged genetics of the safe haven that is the human body? In Making Mudra Sense, Sapphire through text, gesture, movement and live music explore this search for our roots as they continue to evolve in time.

Concept: Sudarshan Chakravorty & Paramita Saha
Choreography & Artistic Direction: Sudarshan Chakravorty
Music: Original Music from Kazakhstan, India and Georgia
Costumes: Neelay Sengupta and Debaditya Das Burman
Live Music: Rishabh Dhar (pakhawaj)
Performers: Paramita Saha, Ujjayee Banerjee, Promita Karfa, Bijoy Sharna and Pintu Das

Sapphire Creations is a premier experimental dance company based in Kolkata. Started in August 1992, a group of young minds led by Sudarshan Chakravorty came together to grow from a youthful venture to a dynamic contemporary modern dance ensemble. Sapphire is a pioneer of the LINK THE ARTS movement that is celebrated biennially through INTERFACE, the International Festival of Alternative and Contemporary Expressions.


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