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Natya STEM Dance Kampni presents
Under the Raintree: Women's Cultural Festival
Bangalore International Center
Nov 2 and 3, 2019 Bangalore

October 28, 2019

November 2, 7pm
KINETOGRAPHIE by Madhu Nataraj and the Stem Dance Kampni.
Centred around the female body, this mixed media choreography is a meeting point of body kinetics, mythopoetic interpretations, addressing women's issues, advocacy and agency through exciting movement narratives.

-10 am: Inaugural performance- Shakti- The Feminine Phenomenon by the Kampni.
-10.30: Dr Anupama Kylash's talk and demonstration.
  Children's showcase featuring NIKC's children's unit.
- 3 to 4 pm: 'She Speaks Through Her Dance'- Winners of the Choreography challenge perform at the Amphitheatre.


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