Maximum India: March 2 to 20, 2011
Manganiyar Seduction: An interview with Roysten Abel by Vibhuti Patel 
Old films mar India festival in Washington by Yashwant Raj 
India: from diverse puppetry to dancing which has a dab of Paris: 'Images of Truth' by The Ishara Puppet Theatre Trust & Shantala Shivalingappa's 'Swayambhu' by George Jackson 
Passionate Minimalist: Malavika Sarukkai's 'Energies Auspicious & Fearsome' by George Jackson 
Tradition & Change by George Jackson 
Some sorts of serpents: Kalbelia - Dance of the snake charmers by Gulabo Sapera & Party and 'Sarpagati - Way of the Serpent' by Daksha Sheth Dance Company by George Jackson 
The Forgetful Prince: 'Shakunthalam', a dance drama by The Natayalakshana Company by George Jackson 
'Maximum India' features a bold take on Ibsen, reading of Indian short stories by Nelson Pressley 
Meant for One or Several? by George Jackson
'Samanvaya': Harmony in motion, sealed with a look by Sarah Kaufman 
Shantala Shivalingappa, a study in complexity and grace by Sarah Kaufman 
Dancer Malavika Sarukkai wows Kennedy Center with 'Maximum' artistry by Pamela Squires 
Transcendence and Mystery in Tiny Gestures by Alastair Macaulay 
Priyadarsini Govind and Nrityagram Dance Ensemble offer intense Indian dance by Sarah Halzack 
With sensitivity and savvy: Priyadarsini Govind & Nritayagram Dance Ensemble by George Jackson 
Nature & Nurture: Madhavi Mudgal and Alarmel Valli in 'Samanvaya: A Coming Together' by George Jackson 
Music review: Kennedy Center 'Maximum India' festival opener U. Srinivas by Mark Jenkins 
'Maximum India,' in full bling