Who are you?
- Ashwini Kaarthikeyan
e-mail: ashwinikaarthikeyan@gmail.com

January 11, 2013

The serpent coils upwards. His hiss, pulsates in my veins. There is a downpour of skulls and ash, cindering my mind into nothingness. Blood gushes out, spewing venom off of slithering tongues. Passion pinnacles and erupts out a hail storm of icy stares. Glowing red coal meets white ice. The winds stand still. The heat scalds gaping eyes. Sweat streams down naked skin.

Who are you
Who spins and unspins?

There is madness
in the thrust.
There is a boiling over
of steamy satiated breath.

We are salivating specks
of golden silvery dust,
in God’s dance of eternal bliss!
। हर हर हर हर हर हर महादेव ।

We scream and shut our eyes,
to this blinding light!

Who are you
Who spins and unspins?

Who are you
Who spins and unspins?

Driven upward and out,
I drop inward, and grow thin.
Hushed by the gongs,
lulled by your thunderous laughter.
I swoon,
I surrender to you,
who spins and unspins.

Your blue hue is a wavering mist.
A mysterious silent waterfall cascades
into an ebony hued darkness.
A veil drops down.
I am forever, bolted in.

Who are you
Who spins and unspins?

(This poem was inspired after witnessing a dance recital by Nrityagram, Bangalore, and the Chitrasena Dance Company from Sri Lanka, at The Music Academy, Chennai, on 9th January 2013.)
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