Nritarutya’s youth wing at Dance DIScourse series

July 5, 2013

Nritarutya Dance Company’s youth wing performed on June 1, 2013 for art historian Ashish Mohan Khokar’s Dance DIScourse series. Three choreographies by Madhuri Upadhya and Vishwakiran Nambi were presented. The evening commenced with a lecture demonstration wherein associate director Madhuri Upadhya explained the choreography process of some of the company’s acclaimed works while principal dancer and youth wing director threw light on the company’s dance training module and his choreography ‘Wildflower.’

The performance of the evening started with ‘Namaskar’ that interpreted and relied on the “Anjali Hasta” taking inspiration from the technique of Bharatanatyam, while the choreographic structure and pattern was in contemporary dance design set to Arabic music. The sequence enhanced invocation and rejoiced the nritta aspect of dance.

The evening proceeded to ‘Manmatha’ choreographed by Madhuri Upadhya. Manmatha interpreted mythology in a modern context journeying with the god of love. In a contemporary context the dance explored how we are bound together by love - a thread connecting all our souls. The choreographer played with myriad shades of romance involving the technique of Kathak and contemporary dance. Rhythmic footwork and a variety of twirls marked the signature style of this dance sequence.

‘Wildflower’ by Vishwakiran Nambi explores the concept of whether existence is by choice or by chance. The choreography used the effective geometry of Bharatanatyam to make the dancers both figure and disfigure movements. Utilising quick, quirky movements, the body was at times active in segments, delivering an indecisive staccato energy.

Each piece was a unique experience, surprising the audience with the different explorative steps. The program concluded with a discussion between the choreographers and the audience.