Nrityakalpa 2015
- Jintu Sarma

November 12, 2015

Saptaswa...the rays of performing art is a socio-cultural organization of Tezpur, Assam, founded by Sattriya exponent Dr. Pratibha Sharma, disciple of Guru Jatin Goswami. To boost up the classical dancing sprit among the new generation, Saptaswa presented the fifth edition of Nrityakalpa, a colourful festival of Indian classical dance on 10th and 11th October 2015.

Prabal Gupta

Hemanta Kalita

The festival saw the same kind of sprit and enthusiasm from the audience, art lovers and participating artists on both the days. On the first day of the festival, a lecture demonstration on 'The tradition of Kathakali' by Bangalore based Kathakali dancer Prabal Gupta was scheduled at Tezpur College auditorium. Hemanta Kalita from New Delhi, a proud son of Assam, delivered his demonstration on 'Krishna and Kathak: A story telling dance form of India'. The house full audience watched their brilliant lec-dems appreciatively.

The evening was inaugurated at the heritage Ban Theatre by lighting of the lamp by Haricharan Bhuyan Borbayan of Sri Sri Natun Kamalabari Satra. A special souvenir 'Nrityakalpa' was released by eminent Assamese actor / director Pranjal Saikia. Saptaswa also felicitated Sattriya artiste Anita Sharma. The main program commenced with Gayan Bayan performed by the students of Naduar Sangeet Vidyapith of Satia followed by Sattriya dance by Malati Rajput of Guwahati. She started with a Sutradhari nach and then presented 'Lila Gobindam' based on Lord Krishna, directed by Anita Sharma. Sayomita Dasgupta of Kolkata presented an elegant Odissi performance of Pallabi and Durgabandana. Jashodhara Bora of Nagaon, Assam, who is also a PhD Research Fellow of Tezpur University, performed Bharatanatyam. The first day's program concluded with a vivid Kathak performance by Hemanta Kalita who presented Sivbandana and Sutradhar Kathak. He also performed a famous Borgeet titled 'Tejore Kamalapati...' that he had sung himself, in Kathak style. The audience responded with lots of applause.

On the second day, Ratumoni Das, who has designed the cover page of the souvenir, was specially felicitated. First was a Sattriya performance by the artists of Saptaswa. They started their recital with a Krishna Vandana followed by Ramdani of Chali Nach and Prakritipuja for which music was composed by Dhrubojyoti Borah. In this, they reflect the story of Lord Indra and the villagers of Brindavana, how Lord Indra attacked the villagers and then Krishna came to save them by holding the Govardhan Hill. In the present day, humans destructing biodiversity resulting in natural calamities is common. For a more liveable planet we have to save nature, then nature will save us. In relation to this, a video was projected in the background. This was a different kind of act and the audience enjoyed it. The concept was designed by Guru Jatin Goswami and choreographed by Dr. Pratibha Sharma. The other team members of the performance were Mayarani Borah, Prerana Baishya, Meghmallika Borah and Swati Bayan.

Odissi was performed by Dr. Anjanamoyee Saikia, an Assistant Professor of Guwahati Medical College. She presented Navadurga and also Draupadi from the Mahabharata. Manipuri dancer Sinam Basu Singh started with Siva Panchakasaram after which he described the bond of Lord Krishna and Yashoda. Kathakali dancer Prabal Gupta of Bengaluru presented his research based act on the world famous Cleopatra. This unusual piece went down well with the audience.

Anjanamoyee Saikia

Sinam Basu Singh

A photo exhibition was held in the premises of Ban Theatre with a glimpse of the last four years of Nrityakalpa. The festival was anchored by Santanu Baruah.