IDA 2015: Eka Aneka
- Lakshmi Sankar

November 26, 2015

Padmalaya Dance Foundation and International Dance Alliance (Bangalore Chapter) presented the annual theme-based dance festival IDA 2015: Eka Aneka. Held on 22nd November 2015 at ADA Rangamandira, Bangalore, this year marked the 12th edition of the festival. Over the years, the IDA festival has presented over 500 artistes to the Bangalore audience in thematic productions. This year was no different, with groups led by senior gurus as well as those led by upcoming artistes sharing the stage. Four groups presented their interpretation of the theme "Eka Aneka: The myriad forms of the Single Supreme Consciousness."

Padma Murali, Churchill Pandian, Lalitha Srinivasan

Gopika Varma and group

The inaugural ceremony was presided over by senior Guru Lalitha Srinivasan (Director, Nupura School of Bharatanatyam). The Leela Sekhar Memorial Award, given every year to a person who has tirelessly contributed to the promotion of the arts, was awarded this year to Churchill Pandian, a journalist, director and producer, whose name has come to be associated integrally with classical dance and music. He has been instrumental in promoting the art and several artistes in unique ventures and productions.

The theme based presentations began with a Mohiniattam performance by Gopika Varma and Dasyam ensemble. Interpreting the theme within the various forms that Goddess Lakshmi adorns, the group depicted the goddess in her various avataras as the consort of Lord Vishnu in various places of divine worship. The performance opened with a ‘Laali’ and closed with an engaging Thillana.

Janani and Poornima

Rasika Dance Ensemble

This was followed by a duet by Janani Murali Jayanth and Poornima Kaushik (disciples of Guru Padma Murali). The ten incarnations of Vishnu was their interpretation of the many facets of the single godhead. Elaborating on the lesser known myths of the Dasavatara, the duo’s performance saw a concise interpretation of the Sanskrit classic "Kamalajasya" by Maharaja Swati Tirunal.

Sinni Krishnamayuri and group
Next followed an energetic performance by Rasika Dance Ensemble accompanied by a music ensemble led by Kiran Subramanyam. The group of 6 young dancers presented Shiva-Shakthi as the two facets of the same divinity. Opening their recital with a Pushpanjali and Rudranamavali, they continued their recital with a song in praise of Shakthi - Ranjani Mala. The final piece in praise of Lord Shiva, the consort of Devi, was a befitting end to the visual treat.

The concluding performance for the evening was by Sinni Krishnamayuri and group.  The panchabhootha as seen and composed by Muthuswami Dikshitar were presented in the Bharatanatyam format. Using coloured props to denote each element (ether, wind, fire, water and earth), the group was accompanied by a live orchestra. They presented a subtle finale to an evening of dance.

Holding the entire performance segment together was Charumathy Shankar, the Sutradhari who engaged the audience with rare songs that intertwined the themes of one group with the other.
Lakshmi Sankar and her husband run a cultural space called Attagalatta, a bookstore cum cafe cum event space in Bangalore.