Margam by Natya Niketan: A visual delight
- Satish Suri
Photos : courtesy Natya Niketan

July 23, 2016

The margam presented by nine dancers of Guru Revathi Narasimhan as part of the Horizon Series of  ICCR on the 9th July at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Bangalore, was a visual delight both in terms of its content and artistry.

The Pushpanjali in Hamsadhwani raga and adi tala performed by Sreeranjini Umesh, Srilatha, Priyanka Chandrasekhar, Sreelakshmi and Devika Parameshwar set the mood and tone for an absorbing opening number. This was followed by a vibrant piece “Tandava nritya kare Gajanana” in Darbari Kanada raga wherein the dancers Sahana Kashyap, Pooja, Anagha and Ankita showcased their skills essaying the many movements of Ganesha which were bright and beautiful.

The varnam “Sree Krishna Kamalanatho,” a composition of Tirumale Srinivas in Reetigowla and adi tala, provided a scintillating array of diverse rhythms and melody.The narrative depicting the story of Lord Krishna from his birth to his manifestation of the Viswaroopa Darshana was elucidated with expansive sancharis of Krishna being spirited away after his birth by Vasudeva, the death of Poothana, the killing of the demon Shakatasura,the Viswaroopa Darshana and Gitopadesa and contrastingly the Jalakreeda where Krishna becomes the tormentor of the Gopis. Creative choreography by Revathi Narasimhan kept the space for improvisation creating synchronised movements with the artists displaying a variety of aesthetic sculptural poses.The fast pace of the charanam accentuated with exacting footwork and the elaborate permutations and combinations were aesthetically synchronised.

“Chandrasekhar bhajami satatam” in Chandrakauns presented by the dancers Sahana Kashyap, Pooja, Anagha and Ankita reverberated with energetic dancing and nritta of a high order to describe the greatness of Lord Shiva who resides in Kailas. The devotional content and emotional potential were explored fully in the Purandarasa’s composition “Hanumantha deva namo”  by dancers Sreeranjani Umesh ,Srilatha , Priyanka Chandrasekhar, Sreelakshmi and Devika Parameshwar, highlighting the divinity and nobility of Hanumantha with a skilful exposition of the sahitya.The final frieze wherein Hanumantha is shown tearing his heart open to show Rama was evocative and impactful. The concluding piece, a thillanna in Dhanashri raga , a composition of Swati Tirunal, conveyed the joyous feeling of the dancers combined with expressive nritta as they performed with harmony, grace and precision.

Bharati Venugopal on the vocals, Revathi Narasimhan on the nattuvangam,Kartik Sattavalli on the flute and the percussive flair of Gurumurthy on the mridangam complimented the artistic experience.
Bangalore based Satish Suri is an avid dance rasika besides being a life member of the Music and Arts Society.