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Brilliant Bhavna by Hari and Chethana
- G.Ulaganathan

June 14, 2017

The department of culture, Government of Karnataka has been successfully organizing on Fridays, music and dance programs for many years now. This gives space to many budding as well as senior artistes to display their artistry and the program is free for the connoisseurs.

On June 2 this year, EFCE (Every Friday Cultural Evening) as it is called reached an important milestone. It was the 35th anniversary, which means for the last 35 years, the programs have been conducted uninterrupted. Truly a major achievement for a government department and Karnataka is perhaps the only state where such programs are held in India.

On this day, the performance at the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan auditorium was by the senior Kathak duo Hari and Chethana from Bangalore. This popular couple has enthralled audiences in various cities and every year, they conduct workshops and give performances in Holland. On this occasion they performed three brilliant numbers along with their senior disciples Aswathi, Supriya, Samyuktha and Amrutha. An interesting aspect of their show was the colourful costumes and mood lighting on the stage.

Their performance, Bhavna, based on traditional Kathak repertoire showcasing the intricate Kathak techniques and deep moods of emotions were woven together and there was perfect rhythm in their movements. The production began with paying salutations to Lord Krishna by describing his beauty through brisk rhythmic patterns together with graceful movements across the stage. Then followed a vibrant sargam in raag Jog where the jugalbandhi element - the dialogue between dancers - was brilliantly showcased. The pure bhakti number Madhurashtakam described the sweetness of Krishna. Dancing to the haunting lyric "Madhuratipati..." Hari and Chethana almost transported the audience to Vrindavan and the bhakti element came out in full flow.

Bhavna concluded with the Tarana where all emotions are elevated and surrendered to the divine. The choreography and concept were by the couple and Bhavna was a classic example of pure Kathak blending with bhakti and human emotions.

G. Ulaganathan is a senior writer and journalist based in Bangalore.