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Aikyam 2017
-  Banupriya

October 30, 2017

Aikyam 2017, held by Nritya Nadam, received a good response with a house full audience and few standing viewers at ADA Rangamandira, Bengaluru on Oct 21, 2017. Aikyam showcased some thought provoking themes carrying social message combined with mythology and mysticism. Themes were provided by Nritya Nadam to the artists.
Director of Aikyam, Meghna Venkat, released a book authored by her titled ‘Theory of Classical Dance (Junior & Senior)’ which covers the syllabus of junior and senior of Karnataka Government Examinations conducted by KSEEB. There are very few books covering this syllabus, hence this book will be useful for many aspiring students who want to be successful in the Govt Examinations. Sai Venkatesh and Dr. Suparna Venkatesh released the book and Dwaraki Krishnawamy received the first copy.

Aikyam showcased the theme ‘Shiva Tantra’ with able dancers like Aparna Sastry representing Ganga, Yogesh Kumar - Agni, Sahana Maiya - Trishul, Gowri Sagar - Sarpa and Somashekar portraying Damaru. The five dancers beautifully represented their tantra and finally together portrayed Nadanta in a subtle but scintillating technique. 

Shiva Tantra


The second theme was Aikyam itself. Aikyam - the union, depicted the journey of a spiritual mind through Satyam, Shivam and Sundaram. Anuradha Vikranth and her disciples at Drishti portrayed Aikyam in a most thought provoking and well researched depiction. Satyam   represented the eternal truth that Prakrithi and Parameshwara are formidable. Shivam - the powerful and auspicious combination of Shiva and Shakti that protects and leads to the progress of mankind. Sundaram beholds that all the creations in this universe are beautiful and belong to a single family. Shiva was portrayed by actor-dancer Dr. Sanjay Shantaram who caught the attention of the audience with his majestic presence. Drishti stole the hearts of everybody and wanting for more family time in today’s gadget dominated world. 

The festival continued with the brilliant performance of Parshwanath Upadhye on the topic ‘Purush - A Purushottama or a Prathibha?’ This was represented through the life story of a man, who always played the roles in his life to the best. Finally when he reached the judgement of Moksha or Hell, he re-thinks of his journey. He is none other than Arjuna. This was ably portrayed by the all male troupe of Adithya P V and Nidhaga Karunad along with Parshwanath.

The event also recognised the work of photographers who turned up for the show. This was well appreciated by all passionate photographers. The festival was well organised and with perfect time management. The guests and artists carried home flower saplings after a soul stirring evening of scintillating dance.                                              

Bharatanatyam dancer Banupriya is a disciple of Guru Revathi Narasimhan.