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Kumaara Sambhava
- Rashmi Thaper

October 30, 2017

Kalidasa’s Kumaara Sambhava was the chosen theme to be presented by the students of 2nd Year MA, Jain University, on 27th Oct 2017 in Bangalore. Conceptualized by Dr. Shatavadani Ganesh, it was well depicted by the artists. This production was part of their curriculum and the standard of the presentation was as professional as any other that happens in the city.

The show opened with the perfect interaction of Vidhooshaka and Sutradhara who walked us through the story. Vidhooshaka and Sutradhara who were important characters during the earlier day productions, have been almost missing in the recently seen choreographies. However, the comeback of these two characters added to the entertainment and enjoyment of the spectators. The production depicted the love between Shiva and Parvathi, the boon Tarakasura received of not being killed by anyone apart from the son born to Shiva and Parvathi, followed by the sequence of Kama Dahana. With the intense meditation how Parvathi wins the love of Shiva thus leading to the birth of Shanmugha, and finally the climax scene of the fight between Tarakasura and Shanmugha and how Shanmugha gains victory over evil were portrayed.
The production witnessed sincere efforts by the students of the Performing Arts department. Utmost precision and attention to details was seen right from the character sketch based on each dancer’s capability and limitations. Equal importance was provided for the aharya. Being open to different art styles was a plus point in this production as it was the combination of Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, Margi techniques and folk elements. Being students under the Masters program, the humble attempt at choreographing a 90 minute production with multiple inputs certainly brought out the creativity in the choreography which was well appreciated.

The Dept of Performing arts of Jain University needs to be applauded for introducing such thematic productions as the part of the curriculum. This not only opens up space for the student to think and work alongside with scholars, musicians and technicians but also prepares the upcoming artist for the forthcoming journey of being not just a performer but also a choreographer. Such syllabus comes up only when there is a strong board of faculty and Dr. Shobha Shashikumar, Dr.Vijaya Marthanda, Guru Sheela Chandrashekar, Dr. Soundarya Srivathsa and Sri Arun were justifiably proud of their students, who got the opportunity to work with some of Bangalore’s best musicians. Srivathsa on vocal, Hari on mridangam, DV Prasanna on rhythm pads and nattuvangam, Mahesh Swamy on flute, Suma Rani on sitar and a debut singing performance (for dance) by Nagashree who is a  student of Music Dept of Jain College, added color to the concert.The spectacular lighting by Nagraj created the perfect rasa that elevated the performance.

The performing artists were Deeksha, Apporva, Indira, Mekhala, Rajeshwari, Chaitra, Bhavani, Sristi, Veena, Sahana, Sridevi, Mythri Madyasta, Simran, Sahitya, Rashmi, Deepa, Nagaranjitha, Sindhu, Mythri Rao, Archana, Sameeksha, Sampada