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Creative thematic presentation
- Dr. Bala Nandakumar

January 9, 2018

An inspiring, innovative, creative thematic presentation from the epic Mahabharatha, Karna-Destiny's Child, was staged at the beautiful auditorium of the Indian Consulate on Jan 5, 2018 as a New Year's gift to the art lovers of Dubai by Bharatanatyam dancer Bala Devi Chandrashekar. The life history of Karna from before his birth culminating with his attainment of Veeraswargam in the battlefield of Kurukshetra, was performed as a solo performance bundled with emotions, feelings and outbursts of joy and pathos. It was indeed a visual treat to the audience.

Dishonored at every stage of his life as a soothaputhra, Karna's disgruntled emotions were communicated to the audience. Duryodana honored Karna with the crown of Anga Desha at his moment of frustration and thus made Karna live his life for the sake of friendship and gratitude. The incident of his learning under Parashurama and the curses that he got as a result was depicted evocatively by Bala Devi. The blend of jathis with theermanams, mixing the apt ragams at the required scenes was impressive.

The dhaanam of the kavacha and kundala to Indra, the late recognition by his mother Kunti, conquering Abhimanyu and Ghatothkaja stole the show and the audience responded with thunderous applause, most deserving to the performer. The yachakam by Lord Krishna, the fruits of his Dharma, blessing him with Vishwaroopa were heart throbbing and the emotional enactment was touching.

Dr. Rajkumar Bharathi's supportive vocal with suitable ragams especially Shubhapantuvarali, Kaanada, Gambeera naatai, chakravakam to name a few were masterpieces. The rasanubhava of Bharatha was nurtured, refined and experienced by Bala Devi on stage. It was indeed a delightful treat for the New Year.

Dr. Bala Nandakumar is Associate Professor in Bharatanatyam, Sri Sathguru Sangeetha Vidyalayam College of Music and Research Centre, Madurai.