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Sam Ved presents Navapallava
- Anupma Sharma
Photos courtesy: Sam Ved

June 13, 2019

Ignited by the love of art forms and musical notes, Navapallava took off at Sangit Mahabharati, Baithak Hall on May 12, 2019. An initiative by Uma Dogra of Sam Ved Society for Performing Arts and supported by Sangit Mahabharati, it aims to give upcoming artists the dignity and care they truly deserve. In an era where many artists are made to pay and perform, this festival offers to nurture talent and create a legacy of its own. Continuing in the tradition of a true shishya, Uma Dogra offers tribute to her guru by returning to the art fraternity what she has earned by her grit and determination.

Sandeep Mishra & Vivek Mishra

Biswajit Das

Nikita Banawalikar
The evening resonated to soulful notes of the sarangi by Sandeep Mishra representing the Benaras Gharana. Born into a family of musicians trained by his grandfather Pandit Bhagwan Das Mishra and father Pandit Santosh Kumar Mishra, he is a versatile performer and at ease with both classical and contemporary music. His rendering of the raag Puriya Dhanashri, 9 matras was soothing accompanied by the versatile Vivek Mishra on the tabla. Using his fingernails to change pitches of the instrument's gut and metal strings, sliding in and out of the notes, he played the Chaiti sounding almost like a supple human voice. The interplay of tabla, harkat in between by Vivek Mishra was a treat. The jhala displayed the amazing coordination between both hands and the ease with the rhythm was manifested throughout the recital.

Despite the cyclone devastating the state of Odisha nothing could deter the spirit of this young dancer who faced all odds to be there. Biswajit Das from Orissa Dance Academy, a recipient of the Senior National Scholarship and winner of National Youth Award made a truly charming presentation. Presenting the Bilhari Pallavi in ek taal, the young dancer was expressive and had beautiful gait. Set to tune by Pt Bhubaneshwar Mishra the dance was directed by Aruna Mohanty, an original choreography of Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra. The movements were lyrical and the footwork was vibrant. He then depicted the Ramayana through the navarasas. The hastakas/mudras, the story telling and the facial expressions all conveyed the essence succinctly. The transition from one rasa to another was fluid and the most impressive depiction was the male dancer depicting Sita enjoying the act of being caressed and cared for by the lord himself.

Kathak exponent Nikita Banawalikar began her dance journey at an early age. She displayed the charisma of riyaaz, her hold on laya and beauty in her footwork. She began with an ode to lord Ganesha after the uthan that had amazing zest and grace. The thaat had measured footwork and her poses were sculpturesque. Solo Kathak artists can mesmerize by explaining what they're going to do, and execute it with aplomb, as was evident in her tishra jati getting converted to chaturashra and more. The todas, parans and the bhava anga in the form of a thumri nayan more taras gaye was an absolute delight. She was accompanied on tabla by Tanay Rege, on harmonium by Omkar Agnihotri and on vocal by Aditya Apte. Nikita is a Kathak dancer to watch out for.

Navapallava reflects creation of an environment that empowers artists to rely on their talent and abilities.

Anupma Sharma is a Research Scientist in Biology and has been trained in Kathak dance by late Pandit Brijraj Mishra.

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