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Dancing with full energy
- Dr. M. Surya Prasad

June 25, 2019

A multi-faceted artiste, Dr. K.S. Pavithra of Sri Vijaya Kala Niketana, Shimoga, has been proving her worth and talent in varied disciplines. Besides being a brilliant psychiatrist, Pavithra has been a prolific writer and a columnist too. As an active and dynamic exponent of Bharatanatyam she has been exhibiting her skills and artistry as a performer, choreographer, composer, teacher et al. She has built her own beautiful art studio in Shimoga. Along with her other equally talented sisters Dr. Shubhratha and Dr. Chaitra, she has created a congenial atmosphere for Bharatanatyam in Shimoga and has many prize students to her credit.

Sinchana N Ajmane did credit to her guru with her sincere Bharatanatyam recital at Kuvempu Kalamandira, Shimoga. Blessed with attractive eyes and physique she did full justice to the numbers that she had selected for the evening. She began with Melaprapthi, Ganesha and Guru vandane. Sporting perfect ardhamandalis and enviable angashuddhi, the jathis and adavus were rendered with ease. Inclusion of an Akka Mahadevi vachana was interesting. The guru's choreographic abilities and disciple's joyful skills of presentation marked the Tanjore Quartet's Chakravaka Jathiswaram. Sinchana's Anga vinyasa brought to the fore her dynamic range in nritta. The jathis, swaras and adavus were rendered with style and confidence.

The Gangadhara kauthuvam (Nagaswaravali raga) yielded mixed results. A wide and varied package of nritta, nrithya and abhinaya made the ragamalika, adi tala varnam by mridangist Gurumurthy, Neela megha Shyamasundarana an impressive presentation. The dancer was able to negotiate the technicalities of the composition woven around Sri Krishna's tale. The virahothkantitha nayika pleads for the return of her beloved hero Sri Krishna. Even a moment without him is unbearable for her. Rasa leela and navarasas were shown in the sanchari segments of the varnam.

Interpretations of the Seetha Swayamvaram (Adigo barutihane), eulogy of Sri Sharada Devi (Kalyani) and Akka Mahadevi Vachana (Brindavani raga) reflected in full the spirit of the krithis and Sinchana's abhinaya expertise. She could capture the contrasting sections and bhavas of the pieces; this was a stylistic and mature performance. She rounded off the wonderful evening with Balamurali's Kadanakuthoohala tillana. The movements of the eyes, mei adavus, karanas etc. filled the rendition. Pavithra (nattuvangam), Raghuram (vocal), Janardhan Rao (mridangam), and Raghavendra Rangadholu (rhythm pad) supported the dancer in a commendable manner.

Dr. M. Surya Prasad is a tri-lingual music and dance critic of Karnataka, scholar, organizer, educationist, researcher and translator.

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