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Knotted by Mitul Sengupta
- School of Arts, Leeds Beckett University
Photo credit: Ciara Clayton

June 29, 2019

The overall performance of Knotted by Mitul Sengupta was impactful in terms of imagery, duration and a thematic coherence with the site and positioning of the body within it, though this could have been explored further in order to push/move-forwards the choreographic identity of the work. 


The work was incredibly well executed in terms of performance quality. Mitul performed with incredible focus, skill and authority, provoking a sense of time thickening and extending. The setting and art direction was also of a high standard with a clear Gothic feel and there was a clear sense of thematic relationship between auditory, movement language/relationship between body and space and architectural site. 

The quality of the work in terms of its execution is strong.

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