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Nachiyaar Next
- Usha Balasubramaniam

July 18, 2019

Anita Ratnam and her ensemble presented Nachiyaar Next on July 7, 2019 at RR Sabha, Chennai.

How and where can I start? It was 75 minutes of bliss. The dance recital starts with "Choodi kodutha sudarkodi" songs and Andal's (Godha) story is slowly unfurled in front of our eyes. Andal being born to Vishnuchithar and how she grows up listening to and worshipping 'her' Ranga - the story is narrated by Anita herself on stage.

The artiste who danced as Nachiyar was amazing, myriad emotions running through her. It is so nice to see her transform from a young girl to a gorgeous lady pining for lord Ranganathar. In the end we can see the transformation of young girl to Andal, the 'bride'. She looks every bit as Andal.

The other dancers were so graceful. The whole program was choreographed beautifully. The music was very good. The stage was set beautifully, the costumes awesome. The lord Krishna vigraham they had on stage also looked good. It was 75 minutes very well spent.

All of us know the story, but it was very captivating to watch it in a dance program. The highlights I enjoyed in the program:

1.The place where Andal takes the garland 'maanaseegama' from lord Ranganathar around her neck was very well executed by the dancer.

2. The showdown that takes place between father and daughter once he discovers that his daughter is placing the garland around her neck before it is adorned on the Lord's neck...This sequence had no music, just facial expressions between father and daughter, done exceptionally well.

3. Andal's viraham is shown beautifully. Coming to think that a teenager about 1000 years ago could show so much passion towards her lord and her words shake us even today, is so amazing.

Kudos to the team. If it comes to your town, it is definitely worth watching.

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