Official Press Release from Kalakshetra Foundation

At the thirty ninth meeting of the Governing Board of Kalakshetra Foundation on May 11, 2012, the following two resolutions were passed.

Resolution 1: The Board notes with regret Ms. Leela Samson’s resignation from the office of Director, Kalakshetra Foundation. Recognising and appreciating her visionary leadership of this iconic institution over the last seven years as Director, the Board unanimously expresses its desire to have her back as Director.

Resolution 2: While considering the recruitment rules for the post of Director, Kalakshetra Foundation, the Board is of the view that the recruitment rules should be such as to enable consideration of persons of high eminence for the position. The Board resolves to recommend to the Ministry of Culture that it consider modifying the rules to enable the appointment of persons of eminence, ability, standing and experience in the fields of classical or traditional art forms of culture viz. dance, music, theatre, literature, etc. and modify the stipulation with regards to age suitably.


Gopalkrishna Gandhi
Kalakshetra Foundation