Leela Samson's message

Dear Anita,
The resolution passed by the members of the Kalakshetra Board today in Chennai, vindicated me from a whole host of issues that were earlier being projected as 'real' problems to my continuing as director. I do believe, there was nothing there that could not have been discussed and resolved.
However, as my age was being projected as a major cause of concern, I resigned.  I felt that I had had a good innings and perhaps this would be the right time to return to what I love most - to dance.
I have to say that in this past month, I was overwhelmed, absolutely blown over by the large number of people who signed in to your petition, who believe in the survival of institutions like Kalakshetra and who appreciate the work we had put in to revive it. I never knew I had so much support out there, till this happened. There were times in the past few years, that I tired of the hypocrisy and lies. But I stuck it out, because we women do just that.  We have the guts to stay the course.
Now I am renewed and enthused once again. If the ministry offers me the job once again, I will accept. I will do so because of your support and will continue to stand up to those elements that want the downfall of the Institute for political and monetary gain. They have not a pinch of concern for art and culture. We are seeing how politics has entered every sphere of our lives. Let's keep it out of the arts.
I simply cannot thank each of you, especially Anita for starting the ball rolling, several senior artists who wept for the institution and members of the Kalakshetra Board who fought for what they believed in. As we know, this debt will be carried over into a next life, when i will pay dearly!
Love to you all,
May 11, 2012