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Mega Hanuman

Solo, the soul of Bharatanatyam

To smile or not to smile....

Nine steps to visualising Tyagaraja kritis

Rani Jayalakshmi Nachiyar
The dancer Pandanallur Jayalakshmi (1930-2017)

Awards and Rewards

Of Nattuvanars, Chinna Melam and the past to the present

The temple doors opened!

Vintage Varnams re-visited

Memory recall - Papanasam Sivan

Culture tourism or tourism culture?

Yagnaraman - a tribute to the proverbial Sabha Secretary, a cultural phenomenon of our city

Celebrating Dance 2015

Facial distractions

Performing Gurus

Songs I danced to and dances that sang to me

Talk the dance

Return of the Nataraja from Down Under

Madras 375

Etiquette for dancers

Master Class or Workshop?

Dance Drama

Research and Re-creation in Dance

Sitting posture

A Special Visitor

Ah... Aah.... Aharya!

Hastha Mudra

Striking a pose

Speaking of Shiva

Poetry in Dance


Renaissance Man