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Mohan Khokar:  Pioneering scholar-collector-historian   
Nov 24, 2009

Hello, sir,
I really enjoyed reading your article on Mr. Mohan Khokar in narthaki as well as in Sruti magazine. It was quite an eye opener for me to know more about your father. Whenever I saw some rare & beautiful pictures of great artists, which was always credited either to your father or you, I wondered how lucky you were to get those moments from them. So my knowledge of your father was more into this, apart from knowing that he served in SNA.

But these articles were quite interesting to know his many facets. Was really surprised to know that he had learnt dance & now I realise what difference it makes to a person when he has the knowledge/experienced those. No wonder he has many credits to his works & his contribution to the art field is a guide to the next generations to come. The title 'Mr. Dance History of India" is very apt.

Thank you once again for letting me & the dance community know the interesting facets of many artists.

P Praveen Kumar, Bangalore