Responses to 
Legendary Kathakali pioneer Guru Gopinath 
Based on materials from the Mohan Khokar Dance Collection 
Hello Ashish, 
I read the article on guru Gopinathji. Very nice to learn about people and times that we are not aware of.  

Thank you,  

Malathi Iyengar, Artistic Director, Rangoli Foundation for Art & Culture 
(Oct 9, 2008) 

Dear Mr. Khokar ji,  
Namaste. I email you to thank you immensely for the wealth of knowledge you provide through the "Dance History Column" on I know that there has been only one post, but I'm excited beyond my wits that dancers like me who have been hungry for 
educational information on dance now have access from a reliable source! 
Thank you. 

Divya Nayar, Artistic Director, Bharatakala School of Dance 
(Oct 9, 2008)