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ICCR presents
A Century of Indian Dance: 1901-2000
The Mohan Khokar Dance Collection
Pics courtesy: Ashish Mohan Khokar

August 19, 2011

Ashish Khokar walks the VIPS through the historical exhibition at Delhi, July 2011. Ashish Khokar, Mr. Suresh K Goel, Dr. Karan Singh, President ICCR, and Ms. Nirupama Rao, Foreign Secretary

Mr. Suresh K Goel, Director General ICCR, presents the 1st copy of the Coffee Table Catalogue to Ms. Nirupama Rao, Foreign Secretary and Ambassador Designate to US

Mr. Suresh K Goel and Leela Samson
with the catalogue of the exhibition

From the exhibition catalogue

From MKDC exhibits at New Delhi, 17-24 July 2011

Shambu Maharaj

Kalakshetra journal

Advt in Liddell's Simla Weekly for performance
by Ragini Devi and Gopinath, July 28, 1934

Photos of Hasna Jehan, Ragini Devi and Gopinath,
in The Statesman, Oct 1, 1934

Painting of Shanta Rao by Magda Nachman

Air India advertisement

Invitation for Yamini Krishnamurti's presentation
of 3 styles of dance on Jan 13, 1963

Invitation for Uday Shankar's
'Kalpana' dated March 4, 1976

Review about Ram Gopal in Times of India, Sept 23, 1956

Navarasa by Rajamani Mohan

From MKDC exhibits at Dallas, Aug 2011

Ashish Mohan Khokar has made writing and recording dance history his mission. As a merit-lister in M.A. History from the Delhi University, he loves the process and technique of writing history and its reconstruction. He is the most sought-after biographer because of this and his 30 years of direct dance writing, with 35 published titles to credit, makes him India's reputed dance historian. With practical background in dance and theory, his opinions are much sought after and respected. He wrote as dance columnist for many magazines like India Today, First City and Life Positive. He was the dance critic of the Times of India in Delhi, then Bangalore, before starting his own dance journal - attendance - now in its 12th year of publication. As India's pioneering arts administrator way back in mid-eighties, he served the Delhi State Akademi and the Festivals of India in France, Sweden, Germany and China and worked as one of the Directors at INTACH, under PM, Rajiv Gandhi's chairmanship. He is currently on many committees and boards, nationally and internationally. ;

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