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November 2017
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- The Reddys: A family dedicated to dance by Shveta Arora
Yamini and Bhavana Reddy, daughters of Kuchipudi Guru Raja Reddy have adapted their modern upbringing to further the Kuchipudi tradition.

- Dance became my guiding force by Shilpa Sebastian R
Vyjayanthimala Bali says she didn’t allow films to interfere with her dance, but it did create a foundation for her acting career.

- She saw things differently by Anjana Rajan
In Delhi for the Purana Qila Festival, veteran choreographer Kumudini Lakhia talks about her tryst with tradition.

- Essence of being Shovana by Kunal Roy
As the Lalit Arpan Festival culminated in the city, celebrating the hues of rich and vibrant traditional art forms, Kathak Guru Shovana Narayan gets nostalgic on her journey so far.

- Dancing into a man’s world
“I pinned those men down with an angry stare,” says Chavara Parukkutty Amma, the most senior woman artiste in Kathakali.

- Dharavath Rajkumar: Passion for Perini by Lakshmi Ramakrishna
The dancer prepares for the Perini carnival set to happen this month.

- For the love of Odissi by Chitra Swaminathan
Japanese dancer Masako Ono curates the Odisha Biennale.
- - A city of many identities by Shila Sebastain R
Whether you are a dancer, writer or just an activist, issues always unite people here, says dancer Madhu Nataraj.

- Light, set, action by Roshne Balasubramanian
For 36 years and over 2,000 shows, Victor Paulraj has been one of the top set and light designers. He wants to open an institute to train youngsters in the technicalities of stage and light design.

- Often, contemporary is temporary by Ambili Ramnath
Pandit Rajendra Kumar Gangani on moving in tune with the times without stepping out of the framework of pure Kathak.

- Under the Skein by Suanshu Khurana
Bharatanatyam exponent Malavika Sarukkai on her ode to the loom in her new production, living dance, and how India needs to differentiate between mediocrity and excellence.

- Perfect steps by Meenakshy Menon
Parshwanath Upadhye, a native of Belgaum, Karnataka is trained in music, karate, swimming and kalari.

- The move forward by Lavanya Narayanan
Sarveshan Kumar wants to belong to a space where there is seamless exchange between art forms.

SANCHARI.. More on the arts

- Sari, Tramway, Glasgow, three stars by Mary Brennan
We rarely see what innovative choreographers are currently making, so Sari – performed by the Daksha Sheth Dance Company as part of India@UK 2017 – is both a surprise and a delight.

- Theatre Olympics runs into crisis as international panel refuses to take part by Shyamlal Yadav
Established in 1993, the Theatre Olympics is the foremost international festival of its kind, presenting the finest productions of well-known theatre practitioners from around the world.

- Kathak magic by Nita Vidyarthi
Proficient dancers explored five elements of universe in ‘Shunya Se’ at Kolkata recently.

- Woman of grit by Chitra Mahesh
It was as if Bangalore Nagarathnammal was narrating her story.

- Classical Indian dance meets contemporary in Rising by William Peterson
British dancer Aakash Odedra’s debut solo evening of work, collectively presented under the title Rising, was a fitting and provocative bookend to this year’s OzAsia Festival.

- 'Unwinding' traditional Indian dance, this choreographer can't go back by Lauren Warnecke
“Re-imagining classical Indian dance for modern times.” I must have written that description a dozen times, about a dozen different works over the past few years.
- - Akram Khan to bring final full-length solo dance work Xenos to Adelaide Festival in 2018 by Patrick McDonald
UK dancer and choreographer Akram Khan will perform in his last, new full-length solo work Xenos at next year’s Adelaide Festival as one of a limited number of seasons around the world.

- Diverse approaches by Manasa Kambanna
Nitya Nritya, a dance festival, also had interesting discussions on ensemble productions.

- Unbridled creativity on stage by Hareesh N. Nampoothiri
Experienced classical dancers enthralled the audience with their creativity and nimble footwork at the 40th annual Soorya festival in Thiruvananthapuram.

- Spectrum of expressions by Harish Bal
An event in Kochi showcased the range and aesthetics of different classical dances.

- Dance heightens lyrical beauty by S Raghuraman
Lakshmi Ramaswamy’s presentation was a fitting tribute to Dr. S. Ramanathan’s genius.

- Celebrating Indian Dance and Music by Paromita Pain
An annual festival by the Indian Fine Arts Academy of San Diego showcases a variety of Indian performing arts.

- Remembering the prince of music by Ranee Kumar
Fine performances by Vasudevan Iyengar and Smitha Rajan stood out at the annual Swathi Thirunal Festival in Delhi.


- Andhranatyam: History and Revival by Kalakrishna
Unlike other female dances like Bharatanatyam, temple and court dances, Andhranatyam had become inert at one point of time. It was later revived in 1970 and is being propagated for the last 47 years at national and international platforms, more particularly in the Telugu speaking regions.
- An Odissi performance at JNU raises questions about upper-caste cultural appropriation by Neerad Pandharipande
When Krittika Mondal began her Odissi rendition on 21 September, she paid obeisance to the earth, the audience and her teacher, but she did not pay obeisance to any Hindu deity.
- - Dance auditions at Cirque du Soleil: Meet the eye behind the table by Rick Tija
The dancers file into an audition room. They are given a number and asked to wait for registration to finish before the audition starts.

- The rules behind the camera by Hareesh N. Nampoothiri
Dance photographers should focus on the the big picture for the benefit of dancers, viewers and shutterbugs.
- MoMa - From the Archives: Dance and Theater
- Serpent as the storyteller by M. Lalitha and M. Nandini
Mizhavu is the main accompaniment for the Chakyar.

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