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October 2017
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- From Bharata Natyam to Contemporary Dance by Sushila Ravindranath
Anita Ratnam was the first student for whom the RBI released funds to study theatre abroad.

- Ratikant Mohapatra: Good art will always triumph by Lalitha Venkat
The popularity of our festival can be gauged by the near riot conditions outside the hall among those who do not have invitation cards.

- Mandeep Raikhy: My rule book is dynamic; it shifts with time by Anjana Raghu Ram
Dance has brought into my life an extreme awareness of the body. You are constantly in conversation with the body. It's a language that I am able to speak in.

- 'Dance is not a woman's domain' by Anushree Madhavan
At 82, nothing stops Prof C.V. Chandrasekhar from dancing.

- Gauri Diwakar: 'Everything is possible in Kathak'
Gauri Diwakar combines the traditional and the modern.

- Roysten Abel: "If you really go into the heart of the personal, you reach the universal" by Payal H Chhabria
In a performance, there is something that hooks your gut, and that's what pulls you in, and you experience something really beautiful. As a theatre director, you are then inspired to share this experience with as many people as you can.
- - Rhythm and Grace by Taru Bhatia
Pandit Birju Maharaj speaks about preserving India's classical heritage, and his efforts to popularise traditional forms of music and dance among the young.

- South Indian dance in Chichester by Phil Hewitt
Barbara Vijayakumar was supposed to be travelling overland to Australia back in 1972. But she got off at the wrong stop in India - and the result all these years later is a Chichester date for her Kala Chethena Kathakali Company.

- She mixes traditional dance with yoga to create magic by Arshiya Sethi
Mohiniattam dancer Priyadarshini Ghosh, weaves literatures from Bengali and Sanskrit during performances, in a blend of dance, music and yoga.

- A modern interpretation in a classical way by Shilpa Sebastian R
For Janani Murali, dance and Indian mythology take on a new meaning in her latest performance.

- Devotee of Dance by Suman Doonga
Kathak exponent Uma Sharma regularly conducts mehfils and draws strength from the direct connection with the audience, fellow artistes and the youth.

- Riot of rhyme and colours by Jagyaseni Chatterjee
Himanshu Srivastava is a young budding painter and Bharatanatyam dancer who has given mythological paintings a new twist.

SANCHARI.. More on the arts

- A musical of pure emotion by Akshita Nanda
Ong Keng Sen's first production at the revamped Singapore International Festival of Arts in 2014 was Facing Goya. His swan song as festival director is pure emotion, a musical to make the heart break.

- Dancing for the climate in India
Dance performance spurs youth to take action.

- From the hero's lens by Sammitha Sreevathsa
Praveen Kumar's Bharatanatyam performance was held together by captivating imagery.

- Scored with abhinaya by Chitra Mahesh
An unusual varnam was part of Krithika Shurajit's presentation for Kartik Fine Arts.

- Bangladeshi dancers make their mark in Kolkata by Naziba Basher
Every year, a handful of aspiring dancers travel to Rabindra Bharati in the heart of Kolkata, to expand their knowledge and versatility in dance.

- Fired with imagination by V.V. Ramani
From the tiny lamp to the blazing sun, 'Flame' took several dimensions in the mindscape of Mythili Prakash. Divya chose Margam to present 'Inspiration.'

- Coming-of-age performance by Rupa Srikanth
From a sprightly teenager, Anuka King has blossomed into an accomplished artiste.

- New Yorkers groove to Indian music by Seetha Rathnakar
Every August, the frenetic routine of the average New Yorker is relieved by Navatman's Drive East festival, which offers high quality Indian music and dance.

- Asserting rights through theatre by Harshini Vakkalanka
The launch of Gowri Ramnarayan's anthology Dark Horse and Other Plays was marked by an evocative performance of excerpts.

- Choreographer of Feroz Abbas Khan's Mughal-e-Azam pays tribute to Kathak exponent Lachhu Maharaj by Suanshu Khurana
"When I create, I'm very instinctive as the lyrical quality creates images in my head. I can't lose that instinct or I'll just be a clone."

- Nearly every male kathak dancer in the world is connected to this family of performers in Karol Bagh by Malini Nair
The Gangani clan has nearly 100 members, all of whom are either expert dancers or percussionists.

- New chapter for Koodiyattam? by Hareesh N. Nampoothiri
Sangeet Nataka Akademi's Kutiyattam Kendra organised a comprehensive workshop for active practitioners of Koodiyattam, to create a platform for interaction and take the art form to new heights.
- - Changing landscapes of the body by Harshini Vakkalanka
Ancient and modern, esoteric and everyday, body and spirit, all come together in Hemabharathy Palani's contemporary dance piece 'Yashti'.

- She stoops to conquer by Ranee Kumar
From graceful to flashy, Bhavana Reddy chiselled Satyabhama with all her emotions in Bhama Kalapam.

- Experimenting with the classical repertoire by Renu Ramanath
Bhasa's play Avimarakam was staged in the Koodiyattam format at Irinjalakuda.

- Test of devotion by Hareesh N. Nampoothiri
A recital of Rugmangadacharitham in Alappuzha showed how veterans enhance a play by going beyond the text to explore its nuances.

- Novel expression by V.V. Ramani
Choreographic works at The Park's New Festival highlighted urban realities.

- Ritha Devi, Indian classical dancer and teacher, dies at 92 by Amisha Padnani
A nephew, Reet Das, said the cause was complications of a stroke she suffered on July 30. She lived in Pune.

- For the purity of form by Nahla Nainar
For the past four years, Naalathe, a group of teachers of Bharatanatyam and related arts based in Tiruchi, has been trying to stem the tide of talent flowing away to the metropolises.

- Honouring an artist, an artiste, and an auteur
Art forms do not belong to any caste or religion and they should be preserved: Suresh Gopi

- In the lens of the beholder by Anjana Rajan
Aparna Sanyal's documentary on Shovana Narayan aims to reveal to a general audience the making of a great artist.

- To Sir, with reverence by Bhanu Kumar
Remembering Guru Kalasadan Mani on his birth anniversary.

- In step with creativity by GS Paul
Classical dancers Janhabi Behera, Deepti Parol and Payal Ramachandrani came up with expressive performances in Thrissur.

- Focussing on the intricacies by Vinu Vasudevan
Kathakali rasikas in Palakkad were treated to detailed, well-enacted scenes, mostly from rarely-staged excerpts and plays.

- Beautiful like the Dream Girl by Rupa Srikanth
Hema Malini's 'Synergy 2017' brought Indian classical dance and Georgian folk together, blending power and grace.


- The joy of sad tales! by Padmaja Suresh
In the Yoga of classical dances, with Nada - music and Laya - perfect tempo in movement, along with the inherent principles of a Shastra or science embodied in it, there is a mystical journey in aesthetic experience.

- Tihai and its types: Elaborate analysis by Rajashree Oak
Vocal, instrumental and dance, all the forms have their own unique fashion to use tihai and thus tihai is given different treatment in every form of music.

- 13 male masters who prove gender is no barrier in the world of Kathak! by Jovita Aranha
While women continue to dominate the scene, a number of male Kathak dancers have been blurring gender lines in the art form since its inception.

- In paintings: Rembrandt & his Mughal India inspiration by theheritagelab
Rembrandt is one of the greatest artists in history, with his name alone being synonymous with fine art itself! Yet, few know him as one of the earliest European admirers of Mughal Art.
- - The story of Wajid Ali Shah from riches to rags by Manu S Pillai
The Shah had once been heir to a kingdom and to a large fortune but his downfall turned him into an unhappy tyrant bent on preserving a miniature copy of his past.

- A search for tawaifs in Old Delhi reveals a present that's not always comfortable with the past by Ranjana Dave
Courtesans were once celebrities who quietly shaped socio-political discourse, forming influential relationships with members of the nobility.

- Innovation is the trend by Ashish Khokar
Dancers are reaching out, as never before, through new spaces and themes.

- From the Great Mother to the Age of Belief: Campbell on the Mythologies of Europe & the Middle East by Leigh Melander

- Notes of dissent by Anil Srinivasan
Time and again music has played a role in protest.

- The imperishable nine by Padmaja Suresh
The number is the ultimate manifestation of infinity from the null or void

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