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January 2018
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- A nostalgic trip to the epic land by Chitra Mahesh
Gayathri’s Ramayana was a fitting tribute to Krishnaveni Lakshmanan.

- Vibrant from start to finish: on Lavanya Sankar by Rupa Srikanth
Lavanya Sankar stayed true to her Guru’s style.

- Leela Samson presents Thanjavur Quartette by Rupa Srikanth
Music supported choreography in Leela Samson’s ‘Thanjavur Quartette - Revisited’
- - The best of two banis: on Vidhya Subramanian by Rupa Srikanth
Lalgudi siblings’ evocative music and lyrics lent an edge to Vidhya Subramanian’s Vazhuvoor-style performance.

- Many sparkling moments amidst frenetic pace: on Shobana by V.V. Ramani
The strength of Shobana’s dance lies in the ease with which she conveys bhava.

- Presenting high philosophy by V.V. Ramani
Vineeth suceeded in conveying Poonthanam’s message.


- CP Satyajit: Information is information, not knowledge by Thushyanthy Velauthan
One of my seniors said that if we consider dance as a straight line, yoga is a beautiful thread which is going through the line of the dance and we feel a richness of fullness in it. 
- With changing mindsets, the dance also has to change: Kumudini Lakhia by Shveta Arora
Actually, I never broke away from traditional Kathak. Whatever I use in my choreography, it's all from the format of tradition.

- Transitions in Tradition by Uma Nair
Rama Vaidyanathan believes that dance is about finding new pathways.

- Andrée Grau obituary by Stacey Prickett
My colleague Andrée Grau, who has died unexpectedly aged 63, was professor of the anthropology of dance at Roehampton University.

- Anita Ratnam worships Andal, who was way ahead of her time by Geetha Venkataramanan
Having just returned from Srivilliputhur, she thinks talking about Andal is a divine coincidence.
- - Ratti Petit: Li Gotami – The woman who dedicated her life to the Arts
Born into a wealthy Parsi family on 22 April 1906 in Mumbai, Ratti Petit, more commonly known as Li Gotami, was a talented painter, photographer and writer.

- Kapila Venu is giving a new meaning to the old dance form, Nangiarkoothu by Malini Nair
Kapila Venu, a non-traditional performer of Nangiarkoothu, is bringing a long lost world to contemporary times through her exceptional performances.

- Remembering Chandralekha: On loneliness and a cockroach wing by Tishani Doshi
“Always walk alone,” Chandralekha once told me. Remembering the dancer on her 11th death anniversary.

‘- Everything is possible within Margam’ says Rama Vaidyanathan by Chitra Swaminathan
Rama Vaidyanathan knows how to infuse freshness into the traditional repertoire.


SANCHARI.. More on the arts

- Treading the middle path by Bhanu Kumar
Anita Ratnam offered a different perspective with Padme, Prism and Vortext.

- The Best Dance of 2017 by The New York Times
The New York Times dance critics Alastair Macaulay, Gia Kourlas, Brian Seibert and Siobhan Burke on their best of the year.

- Why classical dance languishes in comparison to music, explains Anita Ratnam by Sushila Ravindranath
In spite of the profusion of dance events, classical dance languishes in comparison to music as it just does not get enough sponsorship or funding.

- Drama of the human body by Ranjana Dave
Inspired by the Age of Enlightenment, British choreographer Wayne McGregor’s anatomy-defying choreography and ground-breaking approach is seen in FAR.

- Many shades of movement by Sammitha Sreevathsa
The three day Kalanadam festival brought diverse dance forms together.

- Guru dakshina through dance by Shyamhari Chakra
Guru Smarane dance festival was Sujata Mohapatra’s tribute to guru Kelucharan Mohapatra.

- Eka Aneka: putting women of the Ramayana under the spotlight by V. V. Ramani
‘Eka Aneka’ presented by Gopika Varma’s Dasyam annually, brings together dancers from different classical styles. 

- Dance is being affected by mediocrity, says Aditi Mangaldas
In recent discussion Kathak exponent Aditi Mangaldas spoke on current state of dance training and dance criticism in India.

- Revealing a different story by Sammitha Sreevathsa
Pratibimba, an Odissi event in Bangalore, gave the audience a much needed break from the monotony of standardised classical dance recitals.

- Young talent took centre stage by Bhanu Kumar
The annual festival Nritya Pratibha is a platform for up-and-coming dancers.
- - Many moods of Mohiniyattam by Hareesh N. Nampoothiri
Mohiniyattam occupied centre stage as dancers explored the form and dynamics of the dance.

- Ramaa Venugopalan lived multiple emotions by Ranee Kumar
From devotion to romance, Ramaa Venugopalan lived multiple emotions during her absorbing Bharatanatyam recital at Aarambh series.

- 'Serpent Dreaming Women' dance drama, woman through the ages by Meghna Majumdar
Serpent Dreaming Women explores contemporary struggles of Indian and indigenous Australian women, finding common threads in their folklore.

- 10th Debaprasad Nritya Parampara festival sees riveting performances by Ranee Kumar
It was like a medley at the 10th Debaprasad Nritya Parampara festival. For day one we had Odissi, Mohiniattam, Kuchipudi, Chhau and Kathak.

- Annual dance festival of Shanmukhananda Fine Arts offers variety by Bhanu Kumar
Local dance schools display their talent in many fields.

- On an equal footing by Ambili Ramnath
Soorya’s Jugalbandi Festival had dancers practising different streams of Indian classical dance coming together on the same platform in a seamless fusion of aesthetics.

- Tales of Lord Krishna as child, friend and warrior by V.R. Prabodhachandran Nayar
Margi Sindhu’s Nangiarkoothu recital in Thiruvananthapuram was flawless.

- Young classical dancers prove their mettle at ‘Nrithyathi 2017’ in Thrissur by G.S. Paul
Young dancers proved their mastery over different aspects of their art.

- Movements that heal: the therapeutic effect of dance by Kumudha Chandrasekaran
Enhancing the body-mind nexus through dance, a recent conference in Bengaluru highlighted the therapeutic effect of dance.


- .The embodiment of rural identities
Movement is giving sense to divine language
by Marc-Paul Lambert
Let alone the idea of getting hints from an inspiring ritual, rural source in most cases acts like a rejuvenating incubator of talents for ‘Shastriya Natya’ - the corpus of Indian classical dances.

- Performance as prayer: the ‘Kaisiki’ journey by Veejay Sai
A centuries-old ritual theatre performance of Tamil Nadu is an exercise in the narrative skill of devotion.

- Art circles in a churn as views on next Kalakshetra director fly about by Siddharth Prabhakar
Against the backdrop of the Union ministry of culture readying to appoint a director for Kalakashetra, which has remained headless for six months, views about the right person for the post are flying around in the city's art circles.

- Kalakshetra alumni concerned over selection of director

- Ascending the ladder of bliss by Payal Ramchandani
As I stepped into the tranquil premises of Natana Kairali, I felt a deliberate pull into surreally serene zone from one where it could sometimes be challenging to hear the voice of the conscience.

- What Jacques d'Amboise believes dance can give the world by Jennifer Stahl
When Jacques d'Amboise, now a spirited age 83, talks about dance, his eyes light up, his chest opens and his famously handsome smile takes over his face.

- Most professional dancers ‘earn less than £5k a year’ by Matthew Hemley
A new survey has shown the extent to which professional dancers rely on other sources of income.

- Seed for the banyan tree was sown on this day by Ashish Mohan Khokar
Remembering the path-breaking December 30 performance of Rukmini Devi.

- Whither Funds? by Aranyani Bhargav
The question of funding for dance is possibly one of the biggest concerns faced by the dance community today.
- - Where then lies the magic? by V Sriram
Reality may be a far cry from the hype, but the Season is indeed irresistible.

- How we make excuses for violence against women on stage by Martha Schabas
Since the majority of classical plots are about women who are trapped by men, become desperate/crazy and die, chances are our aliens would spend two-plus hours watching what we could justifiably summarize as femicide….

- MS Subbulakshmi debate: The baggage of devadasi identity and communal pride by Nrithya Pillai
Criticising TM Krishna should not mean denying MS Subbulakshmi’s devadasi roots and forgetting the community’s contribution to dance and music.

- TM Krishna-MS Subbulakshmi row: What a thinkpiece on dance, devadasi system gets wrong by Gitanjali Kolanad
Among the thinkpieces Krishna’s comments prompted, was a column by Sadanand Menon in The Hindu. This is a response to the points raised by Menon.

- Colour, glitz and number: dance productions lacking substance by V.V. Ramani
Group productions must aim for challenging themes and cohesive output.

- Pioneering moves: Uday Shankar was the father of modern choreography by Ashish Mohan Khokar
Uday Shankar was the first to bring the concept of modern dance to India with his novel approach and works.

- The male dancer in India by Jonathan Hollander

- Pinnacle of Bliss: on Lord Nataraja’s cosmic dance by Padmaja Suresh
The form of Nataraja — the supreme dancer — has been hailed as the highest concept of art.

- Blend of rhythm and grace by Renu Ramanath
Thiruvathirakali, a ritualistic dance performed by women, is one of the most ancient dance forms in Kerala, says Guru Nirmala Paniker.

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