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Oct 2021

The Goddess does not enter from the outside
SHE emerges from deep within
SHE is not held back by what has happened in the past
SHE is conceived in consciousness
- Sri Aurobindo

And so... we are on our way back
Like a winding spiral
To a new place that feels like
A beginning
All over again

Travel... Meeting a friend... a cautious embrace… muted laughter…
The energy is in the air...
The streets are clogged with revenge shopping.
Stores are welcoming clients after a crippling hiatus
Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays - are all being planned with greater vigour.
It's the festival season... but any excuse is enough to get out and breathe!

What about us dancers???

The fortunate ones have already performed to live audiences, savouring the applause and the perspiration - free from the tiny gleam of that digital device and the claustrophobic mask..

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"Appreciating art that other people have created connects us with one another, and I think that one of the fundamental joys and purposes for which we’re here, is to be connected with one another."
- Sarah Kaufman
(‘Celebrating grace, dance, and movement in the political now: A conversation with Pulitzer-Prize winning critic Sarah Kaufman’ by Emmy M. Cho, Harvard Political Review, Aug 11, 2021)

Sudha Chandrasekhar (BN): Oct 4
Madhavi Mudgal (Odissi): Oct 4
Roja Kannan (BN): Oct 6
Raja Reddy (Kuchipudi): Oct 6
Kiran Subramanyam (BN): Oct 8
Chitra Visweswaran (BN): Oct 12
Rathna Kumar (Kuchipudi): Oct 27
Hema Rajagopalan (BN): Oct 28

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