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Some funny enquiries we dancers face!!
- Mayuri Upadhya & Nayana Bhat, Bangalore

June 29, 2008
  • Being a dancer won't earn me social respect! (Coming from a dancer, that tops the list!)
  • If you take up dance, after marriage you will need your husband's permission to continue dancing. (Paranoid parental worries)
  • Ok. So you dance. What do you do for a living? ("I am smart, what about you?" kind of a query)
  • Why do you need money for a dance production?? (An ignorant sponsor)
  • You are a dance professional?? You mean, you dance in films? (An absolutely dumb query)
  • Can men do Bharatanatyam? (Yawn! Catch up with the time, boss.)
  • You are a dancer? Good that you are keeping yourself busy. (Laugh out loud!)
  • Which is better? Bharatanatyam, Kalari or Contemporary dance? (I think, you got to understand that they are different!)
  • You are a dancer. So you stay at home? (Well….)
  • Does dance stunt your growth? (That was a query made to a famous dancer!!)
  • Ok. You are a dancer. But what are your contributions and achievements? (Isn't being a dancer itself an achievement?)
  • Oh! You are a dancer. Then your husband must be rich! (Ok, that's enough now!)
As artistes, we have come across different kinds of people. And more often than not, they are the ones who make ridiculous queries and statements.

Despite all these enquiries, answering them and laughing at them, there are dancers and there is dance.

And being dancers, we have grown as a company and as individuals in the last eight years and still are enjoying dancing.

Content is by Mayuri Upadhya, Artistic Director, Nritarutya
Compilation is by Nayana Bhat, senior dancer of Nritarutya

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