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From Kolusu to Salangai
- Ashley
Photo: Shordha

June 26, 2018

Dhalangu thaka dhiku thaka thadingina thom,
Thath Thei Tham, Dhith Thei Tham
Adavus are the stepping stones,
Dancing musically with each step
Ankle bracelets accenting every move,

Tha, Dhee, Thom, Nam
Syllables then guiding adavus to korvais,
Rhythmic patterns becoming danceable mathematics,
Each movement is geometrically aesthetic,
With anklets that have a small chime but have an earful of charm,

Tha jam, thakundarikitathaka Thaka jam,
thakundarikitathaka Thaka thadhinginathom,
Bodily designs creatively sharp and sweet,
Transforming is the tasteful sollukattu from korvais to jathis,
Metamorphosing are the anklets into brass ankle bells,

Ga Pa, Sa Ni, Sa Ni, Ga Pa, Ga Re
Each movement comes naturally,
Becoming more forceful, playful, and colorful,
Gradually jathis changing into swaras,
With that the auspiciously attained salangai are proudly worn.

US based Ashley is a student of Bharatanatyam. She loves writing poetry and learning dance.

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