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Entrepreneurship in performing arts
- Aparna Vasudevan

March 24, 2024

Performing arts entrepreneurship is not a new invention. It can reasonably be presumed that performing artists have always been entrepreneurial. It is indubitably admirable that art thinkers and educators have started to ponder this subject seriously for years. Nevertheless, it was only a few years ago that the subject was made as Master's program at university level around the globe. It is essentially focusing on cultural and performing art entrepreneurship today. Different modern art incubators and performing art institutions can play a key role in fostering this entire idea.

Performing art entrepreneurship
My pen cannot come up with any intriguing, riveting delineation for this subject. However considering relevance of this topic in this modern era and prioritising the finding of scholars, performing arts entrepreneurship is defined as the designing of opportunity and value with intention of providing profit, financially and socially for performing arts and artists through the assumption of risk and effort. If we want to analyse somewhat greater it can be stated as a potential to help artists to make living from their creativity, artistry, skills, talents, and performances. Moreover, entrepreneurship and leadership helps to improve the quality of artistry service offered to enthusiasts. In other way, certainly it is the ability to create exchanges between craft and artistic service in order to get proper remuneration which is requisite for effective entrepreneurship. For this, proper marketing strategy has to be designed which includes selection and manipulation of proper creative environment. Those entrepreneurs have to burn the midnight oil to achieve the results effectively.

Designing and planning are an indispensable part for great entrepreneurship skill which is the beautiful expression of creativity. It is the one that can directly weave both arts and enthusiast together. Designing stage in performance art entrepreneurship includes performance, education, service, platform for arts and artists and the spectators. Elementally designing is the stage where rudimentary craft of value to the art is created.

The momentous aim of performing arts entrepreneurship should be creating both intrinsic and extrinsic value to specific art form. It encompasses proper monetary remuneration, material facilities, proper honour, suggestions, soulful applauses and post-performance reviews. In short, creating value in art and artist means creating sustainable and holistic growth in cultural sphere.

This is the term that can have different standpoints on the impact of this topic. Actually, profit is not sales or selling out. I verily believe that it is receiving honour for your art, effort and your time; more virtuosos need to be upskilled that creating profit through art is not peccadillo but it is mandatory for the sustenance of art and the artist. It is the ability of the art entrepreneur to create exchange "art" and "service" in order to earn financial resources, which is necessary for an "effective cultural entrepreneurship."

Leadership and marketing
Scholars pointed out that entrepreneurship, marketing and leadership are interrelated. Moreover, it is suggested that entrepreneurship and leadership succour art and improve the level of service offered to enthusiasts especially at the time of pandemic. In order to access financial resource networks, acceptance of entrepreneurs among society plays a fundamental role, but it is difficult to build. Because of this, entrepreneurs can derivate specific marketing strategies.

The word "Risk" is an inevitable part in the concept of entrepreneurship as it is a risk based endeavour just as an artistic career. There is no guarantee for fecundity of their effort and creativity. Art entrepreneurship has to take the responsibility to inculcate in the artist how to strategize, how to differentiate themselves from others, how to make research on budget, fund raising, marketing and communicating with sponsors. The artist needs to know how to develop fan base of loyal followers. They must tactically focus on the method of mitigating risk in their career with highly adaptable and reserve technique in their own artistic intellectual property.

Finding applause
If one wants to make a living from art, it is important to inquire not just their own instincts and desires, but also be aware of aptitude of audience. This knowledge requires engaging with and understanding, ideally empathizing with one’s audience. Artistic value that is created with an audience in mind has a higher likelihood of resonating for an audience as the work was created for them. In this respect, artists can find true applause and inspiration in one’s audience.

Aparna Vasudevan
Based in Kozhikode, Aparna Vasudevan is a performer of Bharatanatyam and Kathakali, an educator and researcher.

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