(Natya Kala Conference 2000)
by Padmini Ravi
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Nov 2001

The Mind and Body Workout

Indian Dance - evokes an image of grace, harmony and rhythm, and creates an internal space through movement and an outlet for suppressed emotions.
Yoga - enhances awareness as it adds suppleness to our body and brings about synchronized harmony in the flow of breath.

Martial arts - Brings about alertness in the senses, awakens the instinct, expresses power of mind and body as it helps create a focus.

“Jagruthi”, the mind and body workout integrates the best of these forms creating a unique synthesis of body, mind and emotion, thus creating physical, mental and emotional well being.

Indian ragas and the time cycles in the background transcend the emotions to another plane as they streamline the flow of the dynamic forces that nurture and govern the human body. The benefits are not restricted to dancers alone, but keep in mind any one who wishes to experience a sense of elevation away from the routine of their day to day living.

Come and share the experience of “Jagruthi” - The Awakening

Do you think that you are living your life?

Most of us are living in a mechanical whirl existence. Wake up in the morning, grab a sandwich, rush to work, catch up with meetings and discussions only to defend our position. Isn't this what we all are constantly doing the whole day? Even our relaxation on returning to our respective homes is conditional and artificial. Do we ever stand at a distance away from ourselves and look at one's self?

We need to draw upon the rich heritage of thoughts and philosophy that our scriptures in India have given to us. Many of these concepts have been integrated into various art disciplines. We combine three such disciplines and have nurtured and distilled the essence of what could be meaningful and applicable to us in our crazy survivalist world.

Padmini Ravi and Dr.Seshadri Iyengar between them have a wide repertoire in performing and teaching. They have to their advantage working knowledge in different schools of Indian Classical Dance and Music, the art of Choreography, the essence of Yoga, the vigor of martial art and even Homoeopathy which is an alternative medicine with the principal of individualization and holistic approach. Padmini Ravi trained in traditional Bharatanatyam under some well-known exponents of India. She combines the traditional techniques of Nritta and Abhinaya to explore new horizons of themes and dance languages. Padmini's true sense of dedication to her art is reflected in her attempt to make Bharatanatyam a life style activity as much as a performing art.