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Rediscovering a scholarly legacy

Classical and contemporary conundrums

Mellow breeze from Manipur

The Yuletide Cadenza

From Birth to Regeneration

Mask and masquerade

Housing tradition and innovation

Tagore, the early women's libber 

From roots to efflorescence

Post Uday Shankar, any which way?

Dissolving borders

The Choreography Connect

Voice and vision of Bhakta Salbeg

A pedigree ensemble’s classical filigree

An epic spectacle nonpareil

Sparkle of Kathak - Gharana or Otherwise

Gods through syncretic prism

Fragrance of Fifty Roses

Ushering in Seasons

Sparks of passion

A limitless lustre of love 

Moods, Movements and Melodies

Magical, Mystical, Monumental

The Courtesan Extraordinaire

The Spring Mood

Male messengers of the muse

Twin yarns of empowered Eves

Tiptoe into my parlour

Changing faces of Kathak Kendra

Of Earth, Earthy...

Away from performance arena

Stirrings and Stillness, Sounds and Silence

Holding a legacy aloft

Re-imagining Tagore in style

Tremors from borderlands

Traipsing into light

Creatrix of universe