The passions for and in our dance run deep and intense! As Bharatanatyam is a truly global phenomenon, opinions about 'purity', 'classicism', 'authenticity', 'creativity', 'contemporaenity' are swirling thick and fast around us. With the Indian media enjoying 60 years of almost uninterrupted freedom in what is now a more and more paranoid world, we at are beginning a series called ROSES AND THORNS. It will place in the spotlight one dancer / a dance production / dance performance / dance tour occurring anywhere in the world. The specific dance production or performance will be spotlighted on the site for the sheer volume of comments – both positive and negative that we receive in terms of phone calls and e mails. In all matters of expression, the column will advise restraint and decency even when some views are angry and vehemently outraged.
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  The Great Dance Robbery - arangetrams in the diaspora 
Recently, the Narthaki Discussion Forum has seen some thought provoking perceptions about lavish arangetrams, demands and expectations, greedy gurus and musicians, and over-ambitious parents in the diaspora.  

We present to you the exchange of varied viewpoints and the many interesting suggestions that our readers have come up with. 

November 26, 2006 



  ARUDHRA 2006, the 10th annual festival of dance presented by Ponnambalam Academy of Dance & Music Trust 
Tensions between Karnataka and Tamilnadu are now the stuff of legend. The film world, the water world and the arts world were always facing off in apparent readiness for battle. I distinctly remember the threat of pickets outside my dance performance at the Bangalore Habba a few years ago. Other Tamilandu artistes faced the same situation with Kannada artistes protesting the large contingent from outside their state and particularly from their neighbours! 

However, I always loved the cultural atmosphere in Bangalore and the large turnout of artistes who attend all dance performances. Generous crowds, less back biting and a greater bonhomie among artistes and gurus were the envy of many of us in Chennai. 
This recent spate of fireworks between Bangalore artistes has us all aghast! What really happened at ARUDHRA 2006? Who is to blame? Can such an incident be avoided in future? What is the relationship between organizer and artiste? 

Read on and navigate carefully between the Roses and Thorns!  

Anita Ratnam  
November 3, 2006 

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  'Ekaantha Seetha...A lonely furrow,' produced by Cleveland Cultural Alliance and choreographed by The Dhananjayans