Kampni in Korea

June 28, 2013

A Korean TV channel said, “It was the most splendid performance ever! The Natya STEM Dance Kampni combines classical Indian and contemporary dance forms with martial arts, Yoga giving a new meaning to creativity.”

The troupe led by dancer and Arts entrepreneur Madhu Nataraj, toured South Korea as part of a cultural delegation under the aegis of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR),  Govt of India, celebrating the 40th year of diplomatic relations between the two countries. The Natya & STEM Dance Kampni founded by legendary Guru Dr Maya Rao, is one of India’s premier dance companies known for its unique balance of tradition and modernity.

The Kampni created a special choreographic showcase that represents India in its traditional and contemporary manifestation featuring ‘Vajra - reclaiming brilliance,’ ‘Mandala,’ ‘Sports,’ ‘Ushas,’ ‘Sanjog’ and also premiered its latest choreography ‘Traangh’. The Kampni’s performances utilized original music, costume and multimedia design in conversation with dance. Every venue saw the Kampni receive accolades from the audiences and media alike. The dancers got multiple encores and at times standing ovations from the wonderfully evolved Korean ‘rasikas.’

The Kampni performed at the picturesque outdoor venue by the sea in Busan for the Busan International Dance Festival on 1st and 2nd June. Next was a performance for the Honourable Consulate General of Busan on 3rd, after which the Kampni travelled to Suncheon, the ecological capital of South Korea. As part of the National Day of India celebrations at the stunning Eco Geo Expo in Suncheon, the Kampni presented its acclaimed choreographies to packed audiences. The next performance was at the prestigious Seoul National University. The Indian Ambassador Shri Vishnu Prakash, the Defense attaché Shri Ajay Kumar, the President of the University and many other dignitaries were enthralled by the Kampni’s showcase. The final performance of the tour was at the Shinsagae Cultural Hall, Incheon. The audience enjoyed every part of the performance and responded with prolonged applause and standing ovations. The Kampni encouraged members of the audience to join in the spirit of joy and dancing in the finale sequence - a tribal rain/fertility dance from Andhra Pradesh, Dhimsa.

The audiences in the different venues represented various cultural, geographical and socio economical backgrounds. The Kampni’s work impacted a wide spectrum of the society: the common man, artistes, diplomats, dignitaries to arts curators and the media alike. The principal dancers were Madhu Nataraj (group leader and  choreographer), Janardhan Raj Urs, Ramya Nagaraj, Ponnamma Devaiah, Keerthi Kumar with Divya Bhat, Nikhil Parmar, Tejesh Kumar and Meghna Rao. The musicians were Ajay Kumar Singh and Sankarshan Kini, and R K Sathyanarayana was the Technical Director for the tour.