Drishti Nrityarpana
- Veena Murthy Vijay
Photos courtesy: Drishti

September 8, 2013
Drishti Art Centre presented a grand vision on wings of culture by the disciples of Anuradha Vikranth of Drishti Art Centre in their annual celebration Nrityarpana on Aug 22, 2013. The scene in Chowdiah Memorial Hall was most happening as the crowds were gathering an hour before the performance.  

The evening began with the tiny tots swarming the stage with their tiny feet and colorful costumes. The spirit of dance kindled even the audience to the vibrant music as these little clusters of stars danced. There were four dances presented by the junior group of the school. All the four were different in their presentation, beginning with Pushpanjali-Ganapati Vandana, Allaripu Mala, Chatushloki, Jathiswaram and an exclusive dance, paying rich  tribute to Karnataka's rich architectural wonder, the Belur temple. The dancing sculptures come to life and dance in the temple of Chennakeshava, the presiding deity of Belur. This was the composition of D.V. Gundappa, the celebrated poet of Karnataka. All the dances were lively. The choreography was carefully knit with inner patterns and formations, bringing in both style and harmony.

Ganapati vandana

Junior dancers

Shiva Stuti


The first part came to an end with the highlight of the evening being the "Shiva Paada," the offering to the lord of dance by describing the miracles of his lotus feet. Apart from Lord Shiva's feet dancing, the feet have the power to protect this world and his devotees, who ever surrender at his feet. The tandava aspect was skillfully choreographed by Anuradha Vikranth. The senior students of Drishti presented this scintillating dance with great confidence. The movements were well coordinated and vigorous. Some of the charis and karanas of the Natyasastra were used in the motifs of the choreography. This composition was by Nijaguna saint, the sage who   propagated Shaivism in Karnataka.

The Drishti directors T.M. Vikranth and Anuradha Vikranth honored the chief guests Dr. Suma Sudhindra, Vani Ganapathy, Dr. T M Manjunath and Sri Krishna Byre Gowda, the Minister of Agriculture. 

The second part presented a contemporary number “Samvaada” which was presented with acrobatic, contemporary, folk and classical movements. The senior dancers Shubha K, Tincy Monnappa, Ramya Bhat, Archana Jois, Kruti Waghmare, Kajol Jadav, brought honors to their guru Anuradha by presenting nearly errorless dance presentation. The evening’s performance concluded with a beautiful Thillana.

Drishti’s Nrithyarpana was a meaningful presentation of our glorious dance traditions by the generation next. I wish them all the success in their future endeavors. Being a classical dance guru, I am aware that want of an audience is one of the major challenges faced by the classical events, but this event had a packed audience though at times one felt that they could be less noisy. 

Veena Muthy Vijay is a senior Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi dancer of Bangalore. She is the director of Rajarajeshwari Kalaniketan. She is also the president of World Dance Alliance - Karnataka Chapter.