Graceful performance by Sinni Krishnamayuri

October 9, 2016  

Sinni Krishnamayuri, a senior disciple of the renowned guru late Padmini Ramachandran of Bengaluru, delighted the audience with her mature, graceful performance on 4th September 2016 at Tamizh Nadu Iyal Isai Nadaka Manram, Chennai.

Sinni commenced her performance with Madhurashtakam Slokam by Vallabhacharya, “Adharam Madhuram” immortalized by M.S Subbulakshmi, describing the sweetness of Lord Krishna.
Abhinaya for this piece was interspersed with vibrant jathis such as:
Thajam-thanam-tharum-gadhim tha
It gave a good start to the recital. All the other 5 jathis for this piece were choreographed by Rama Vaidyanathan and they were executed with immaculate precision by Sinni.

Sinni then took up Arunachala Kavi Raayar’s popular keerthanam, "En palli kondeer ayya" in Ragamalika and adi talam, describing the various facets of lord Rama in Rama Avarthanam. Sinni's sanchari for Seetha swayamvaram episode "esan villai murithadharko" was very elaborate and appealing. The sanchari for "doosilladha Guhan odathile" was very well portrayed. In fact, she also ably delineated the Ravana episode, Rama destroying Ravana. Entire Krishna Avatharam particularly some of them not very well known episodes were very well essayed by the artist.

The story of Kubja where the lady with a hunch back, a very great devotee of Krishna who served her lord by laundering his clothes and was cured of her deformity by the grace of Krishna, how the deaf and dumb child who was swallowed by a crocodile was saved by Krishna by opening the crocodile’s mouth wide open and letting out the child, the devilish bull and the calf being destroyed by Krishna, the bull attempting to attack Krishna, were all beautifully portrayed by Sinni. Besides, lifting the Govardhana mountain, then Krishna, the hero cowherd, Krishna the hero of the Gopikas, and eventually the famous Geetha Upadesha, were all very well brought before our eyes by Sinni. Her expertise and hard work were greatly visible in all the portrayals.

The fitting finale was Soorya Thillana, which was a feast for the eyes and ears.  Sashidaran’s vocal was ably supported by percussionist Ramshankar Babu and lilting music on the violin by R. Kalaiarasan which all embellished the performance. Aparna Rajesh wielded the cymbals effectively. Smrithi Rajesh’s compering also deserves a special mention. With more opportunities coming in her way, Sinni Krishnamayuri will be able to further demonstrate her maturity to the delight of the audiences in the years to come.