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Drishti’s Nrityarpana
- Suma Krishnamurthy

November 26, 2017

Drishti Arts Centre, founded by Bharatanatyam exponent Anuradha Vikranth, celebrated the 17th edition of its signature dance festival Nrityarpana. Curated and hosted by Anuradha, the festival was held in the Chowdiah Memorial Hall, Bengaluru, on 6th November 2017.

The evening began with traditional lighting of the lamp by Kuchipudi exponent Vyjayanthi Kashi, P. Venugopal (Regional Director ICCR), Dr.Rajkumar Upadhyay (Additional Director Doordarshan), Vasanthi Srinivas (IIM professor), Dr. T.M. Manjunath (scientist), who were present as chief guests to witness the blossoming dancing flowers of Drishti.

Nrityarpana 2017 was initiated with a Pushpanjali (offering flowers to the god and the stage) in raga Bowli set to adi tala. 15 cutely dressed tiny tots performing this piece with confidence was a treat to watch. It was heartening to see 30 students (youngest batch) of the school reciting Asamyutha and Samyutha hastas very confidently. A Sthuthi in praise of Lord Ganesha, remover of all obstacles, composed by DS Srivathsa was well rendered by 20 plus students exhibiting their talent in both nritta and abhinaya.

Bhava, raga, thala, laya, lasya (panchamrutham) - the 5 elements that constitute Bharatanatyam - was brought out very aesthetically by Anuradha in the next song where 25 little shining stars performed beautifully to the song describing the beauty of dance. A Devi Kriti in Amruthavarshini raga innovatively choreographed by Anuradha was well presented with ease and confidence. The most impressive fact was that some of them were trying to imitate their guru who was watching them with a broad smile from the wings. Alarippumalika (series of alarippus of different talas) was a challenging dance number. Rasikas present were wonderstruck looking at the dedication with which 27 dancers performed making their guru proud. Change in the rhythm patterns was well executed by these young dancers.

Icing on the cake was that the mothers of few students of the school made a wonderful debut attempt to perform for a popular devaranama “Gopalabalakane,” a composition of Sri Purandaradasa. A well known kriti “Chandra Chuda Shiva Shankara Parvathi” was vibrantly performed by senior students of Drishti. This outstanding, innovatively choreographed piece was danced by 23 dancers. The finale dance number describing lord Krishna and his achievements was rendered by a team of 7 senior most dancers, teachers, performers and pride of Drishti. The coordination, footwork, abhinaya was neat and perfect. The effortless dancing exhibited the talent, commitment and sadhana of the dancers.

On this special day, Drishti released its annual magazine comprising the achievements of Drishti and many useful articles by eminent dancers and artists. The stupendous task of training 250 students and put them on such a prestigious platform on a single day was possible only because of the utmost love, passion, commitment Anuradha Vikranth has for the art and her students. And they did full justice to their guru and her hard work. Anuradha Vikranth’s family joined her in making this event a grand success. The entire event was well anchored by Roopashree Madhusudhan, a sought after and talented anchor of Bangalore.

Suma Krishnamurthy is the Director, Lalithashri Academy of Indian Dance  and Allied Arts, Bangalore.