Photographs of the Chennai December Season performances 
by Lalitha Venkat, Chennai 
December 21, 2003 @ Anita Ratnam's residence 

Moham: A Magnificent Obsession by Chitra Sundaram, London 

It was a select gathering at Anita Ratnam's residence. Geeta Chandran sang the prayer song. 
Chitra Sundaram presented Moham: A Magnificent Obsession.

"I was delighted to inaugurate - perform the Arangetram! of - Anita's Arangham Performance Space - that is how I have christened it and speak about it! It was very special to dance Moham in the morning, sans lighting and video technology, in front of a select, invited gathering. I was nourished by the presence of so many colleagues and connoisseurs - at such an intense, close range for a work that is also intense. The physical and emotional rapport with the audience was palpable... strange as it may seem, the closeness of the audience allows one to rev up the intensity with presence and not with projection... which the proscenium stage demands even as it divides the participants in a theatre into performer and viewers. A truly special opportunity provided by Anita's generosity of spirit and personal sponsorship! Must make it a season feature!"

Geeta Chandran
Chitra Sundaram 


 Chitra Sundaram