Photographs of the Chennai December Season performances 
by Lalitha Venkat, Chennai 
Natya Darshan 

December 21, 2003 @ Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan for Kartik Fine Arts   

Lec-dem by Anita Ratnam and Arangham Dance Theatre  
Anita Ratnam gave a lec-dem on 'Exploration within Tradition' on the 2nd day of the seminar titled Natya Darshan II. 
Srikanth Sathe made a couple of drawings during Anita's lec-dem and gifted them to her. 

 Excerpts from Suvvadu
 Excerpts from Daughters of the Ocean
Excerpt from Utpala
Srikanth Sathe and Anita Ratnam 
with the drawings he made during the lec-dem