Chennai January Season performances 
by Lalitha Venkat, Chennai 
Photos: Lalitha Venkat 
January 10, 2004 @ Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan for Kartik Fine Arts 

Kuchipudi by Shanta Rati Misra, Mumbai 

A dancer, choreographer and filmmaker, Shanta Rati Misra presented an evening of Kuchipudi. The first item was an invocatory piece Gajavadana beduve by poet Purandaradasa, on Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles, in ragam Hamsadwani set to adi talam.

The 2nd item was on Rukmini, the gentle, obedient and utterly devoted wife of Lord Krishna. When being persuaded into an unwanted marriage, she sends a message to Krishna who comes to rescue her and marries her himself. 

The 3rd item was a Shiva sthuthi in ragamalika set to adi talam, describing the physical attributes of Lord Nataraja, his cosmic dance of creation with his consort Parvathi, accompanied by a celestial orchestra comprising of Vishnu on the drums, Brahma on the cymbals, Indra on the flute, Saraswathi on the veena and Laksmi on vocal.

The 4th item was a keertanam Muddugare Yashoda by Annamacharya where he compares the virtues of Krishna to the navaratna or 9 gems. It was in Kurunji ragam set to adi talam.

The final item was a thillana in ragam Brindavanasarangi set to adi talam, composed by Balamurali Krishna. Shanta incorporated the tarangam in the thillana 

The accompanying artistes were led by her guru Kishore Musalikanti on nattuvangam, Ramesh Jetty on vocal, Haribabu on the mridangam, Muthu Kumar on flute and Nagarajan on the violin. 

‘In spite of the distractions, or rather attractions’ of the still ongoing season performances, a fairly reasonable crowd attended the recital.